Sunday, April 12, 2015

Post Sept. 2014 ...

You know ...
you do a Myspace, a blog , a tumblr ( Japonist )and you write. Something else comes along and you move onto that.
Once in awhile i will look around on FB, check the Danceteria page as we did spend too much time at that club in it's prime.
Currently about 200 pages in on writing up various entries to the Diaries i kept once in NYC.

Pre Futants. My goodfriend Martin Fischer, spotted on his first night @ Mudd.
Ike Yard time. With Madonna's rehearsal studio so close to IY's share, what happened when 2 IY members jammed and someone just might have been listening as I adlibbed "Everybody Everybody Everybody ...get on down" ? One of the rare times we did not have tape running !
Dominatrix time. Nearly getting stuck in the stage apparatus @ Studio 54 not a highlight.
Death Comet Crew - meeting The Rammellzee in W Berlin 1983 and getting him into Unique Studios for some freestyle.

First nights of Mudd Club, Danceteria, Pravda and clubs no one talks about as 'legends'.
TR3 anyone ?

Shout out to all the originals