Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer cannibals

Nick Givotovsky. RIP man. Met Nick at a digital media conf. in midtown, he asked if I was in the Blue Man Group.
Nick helped us find backing for Noyuri's 1994 production of the Innerware: Prinzessin ambient lingerie catalog CD ROM,
invited me into Harvestworks in '98 were we worked together on the Board Of Directors.

Sally Randall Brungers. Nice to catch up a bit on an old friend from the '80's club scene.
Last seen on the cover of Patrick McMullin's "So 80's" , Sally had a show of her line of fine knits on Sixth Avenue and was on her way to Seattle to meet another retail store last thing I heard.

Kronos Quartet. Top show, sweet night in Prospect Park. Clouds against blue sky, bats came out to flit overhead in and out of shadows, superior sound mix with clear high end and detail...

Luca Davis audio movie project. If you are a fan of adventure tales, Lord Of The Rings , Wm Burroughs's settings then Luca's new fiction might be up your alley. With narration by Judy Nylon, soundtrack & sound design by SA & Mark C, outpost.
Music guest > updated > Jamie Vex'd.
To be completed in August for release on REC.

Pink Floyd. Screened the live Earl's Court Dark Side OF The Moon concert from 1992 on Cable tv. First time to hear album in entirety. Shine On Your Crazy Diamond

Jamie Vex'd. Received Black Rain's Night City Tokyo a week ago ...

Pigeon. We held a memorial for him Mon. night @ Nabe's garden on Ave. B, old friends cook out with P's WKTU cassette mixes.
Pigeon had his time in Tokyo, in London ( Bowie & photographer Sukita ) but NYC was his dance floor, Area, Paradise Garage,
The Roxy, The Saint..

Amy Rigby. Came through town to play Lakeside but i missed.

East Village Radio. DJ Small Change had me back to preview the Voodooists EP on REC Wed. New DCC next time ...

High Line Park. Finally got up to the High Line on Thurs, walked up and down the length of it, some beautiful spots.
Look forward to the rest of it !

outpost. Performed at our second Neumann Leather Building Tenant's Association Benefit last night in Hoboken.
The same day the mayor of Hoboken was in jail for corruption along with 40 plus other mayors, officials and rabbi's for sale.
We did a couple new pieces - Serial Angels and Half Light and it was out third show with Kent on bass now.
We enjoyed.

Comicon San Diego .James Cameron shows 3 -D Avatar , Creepy & Eerie and much more.
Creepy won an Eisner Award !

blog post # 500 !