Thursday, February 21, 2008

Downtown stirrings

For the last 2 years ( or more ?) we have been very hard at work on this >

As I am also VP @ Harvestworks , it's been an intense series of meetings with B & C.
They in turn , have brought in some excellent consultants who have hipped us to a great many things.
Lived and learned ...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mockingbird by Walter Tevis

Walter Tevis Mockingbird ...
Ken loaned me his copy and I started reading this on Sunday, finishing it on Monday.
The book has impact.
A fable about a future where the best Make Nine robot 'Robert Spofford' runs Manhattan pretty much single handed.
Has also been drugging what is left of the populace with sopors and fertility imhibitors.
Humans have forgotten how to read, don't know what books are.
No more children , only robot children.
Bronx Zoo is full of robot animals.
Spofforth wants to die ...

Tevis also wrote the longtime classic of mine , The Man Who Fell To Earth.
My view of it though is saturated by the movie version by Nicholas Roeg ,
starring David Bowie as the visitor from late '70's.

I recommend Mockingbird to anyone who reads !
If you like um , dystopian tales of the far future, this fits right in genre.
I emailed Tevis widow yesterday just to say thank you for such a touching , timely story.