Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The bass began (Dystopians blossom time)

First one , then another , little white Cherry blossom flowers fall down on us as we walk.
Soon , whole scads of them are blowing across the cars, streets, people and into the little dirty cracks .

Sunday & Monday Bones and I stayed in and worked on 3 new ones for Dystopians and the music is coming along like a dream.
After years of thinking about the group , casting about for the proper members ,
then having us both get free at the same time ,
now into the excitement of a new group's early days.
It's now our frontier to make and expanded sonic horizons are calling ...

With Zinner busy for the next few cycles supporting the new Yeah's ,
we have a few guitarists in mind but no permanent plans for one ,
simply want to have the right person for the right song.
May well have 3 guitarists for 3 different songs and maybe sometimes they can be onstage together too.

The songs ?
The Self Licking Ice Cream Cone got underway Mon.,
copped the phrase from the military industrial Congressional Complex ,
the Self Licker being a Holy Grail of CONtractors
('here you are Sirs, this year we have something you will just love - it loads itself , shoots itself , no messy residue')
as is Din ( the Immigrant is here and it is us / Barbarians own the Gates)
with it's terrific pounding double drum set and motorik thrash bass.
As soon as I heard Bone's bass start up I knew we had it.