Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pressure drops

By the window watching evening light fade
Black ring of clouds scuds into view between cold wind blasts
Wet leaves stick to the pathways
The pair of hawks are flying up and around the ConEd towers,
they have a nest now high in the trees above the Oval

Last gig of the year last night with outpost .
Alasehir didn't make it off the highway from Philly, but it all worked out anyway and the sound is fresh.
Dystopians 3rd movie night in Oct.
and DCC in Sept. were all good in their own ways too.

Upstate to Studio next weekend; should finish the new Dom tunes, Dystopians for Rec release.
Plus Michael D and I will finish more DCC tracks while up there as well a a bit of Ike Yard 2007 mixing
It's been a good run ...