Sunday, February 13, 2005

Misc. DCC correction

To be sure , if you read anywhere online that the Death Comet Crew "America" Ep or
"This Is Riphop" Album are the group's 'complete Discography' - don't believe it . This was written as copy for the above rereleases, and used online by Distributors but not quite true ...

The DCC rereleases so far feature the early phase of the group when we were doing the art damaged, avant riphop thing ( circa 1984) , crazy stuff that still holds up and the rereleases got us to reform the group - but there was a second phase still to be rereleased.
We have plan to release the second phase musik along with complete DCC video footage DVD (Contents : live @ Danceteria with intro by Dominique Davalos from Dominatrix ,
and 8 min. intro rap by Phase Two bked by DJ High Priest on the Wheels Of Steel .
DCC Music Video for Black Atlantic shot & Directed by late artist Gretchen Bender
and other vid stuff we thought to shoot bk then)

Death Comet / DC :
The second phase music was result of combination of factors;
our having to adapt to life without our DJ who wanted to do his own thing.
This led us to programming drum machines for our beats and that changed the sound as we wrote a group of cyber - mach led 'songs'.
I was really into JG Ballard's "Atrocity Exhibition" and began writing lyrics
that I imagined could be for the rock personality The Him as portrayed in the book
and we developed a rok sound that combined the primal rock vocab of early Elvis,
Carl Perkins et all with lyrics about politi-corps , Koma and the uses of
'space , time and a mirror '(JGB)
We did easily another Album's worth of these tunes and the "Mystic Eyes"/Death Comet Drive" 12" in 1986 on the (very) short lived J Mark/Elektra subsid label.
Yeah, that was released one week
(along with another 12"- Indoor Life's cover of Sunshine Superman) and the label was folded by Elektra after our record was out for 2 weeks ...
Here today gone nextday ...