Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Cool memories ...

Outpost reopened the Luca Davis texts project soundtrack last night;
even in it's rough stage this does sound more like an 'audio movie'.
Judy's reading lends a sometimes skeptical, sometimes bemused touch
that remains intact across the lands traveled in the short stories.
Quite interesting and new kind of sound design to create, - and largely due to the extraordinarily visual text.
Going back for another session tonight ...

Coming up : 10/24 Further JG Ballard tribute @ Monkeytown BK

Nov or Dec. DC gig @ Velvet Lounge & DJ Night @ Cafe Marx, Mt Pleasant with "We Fought The Big One" tba

Ike Yard 10" and album going into Mastering in Berlin this week ! öst 10" cover underway
DCC album demo going out next week to select labels
New Dominatrix tracks programming ' Song X '