Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lightning Nightning

Head up after last week's Studio blazing on multi sdtks.
One of them didn't end so well, but sometimes that's just how it goes.
And will leave it at that !

Amid media wash recycling health care debates - at least it's not all about Obama's birth certificate by now -
Afghan elections, Iraq big bombings and Pakistan and N Korean nukes -the images of the Taiwan mudslides and flooding was amazing and sad.
Walking home Tue's night as that big storm was blowing in was the first truly scary walk home in ages.
Could imagine the lightning was going to strike, right then, in mid step. 70mph wind gust blew the windows right open.

Hearing more music:
Nissennenmondai sounding good ...
New group by Geoff Barrows - Beaks> sounding good !

Maga Bo Friday night @ Glasslands !
with DJ Ripley ...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Waldchengarten remix Ike Yard

This week we got a link to a new Waldchengarten remix of Ike Yard's Oshima Cassette. Makes for a great 10" to have this beatless, hazy buzzing Ike Yard filtered into cityscape ... a blending fabrik of specific sounds from the original tracks and new layers. Nord .
The artwork's coming up , we have the photos we want to use for the 10" sleeve and then the album to follow ...
Michael Diekmann has many photos from the Ike Yard session that the Acute rerelease cover image came from , as well as photos from Japan.
For this - our first album in 27 the group deals from a more global world view.
New Ike Yard brought to you by Denmark's Phisteria :
Ike Yard Ost *with the umlaut ( 10" & downloads ) and Nord ( Album CD & downloads )

We have been making great progress on the Luca Davis audio movie' for REC release;
the main soundtrack is recorded, a level of sound fx added and by last night tracked to the point where we could go through and do a pass of every track, checking, fixing where things came in and out for it's 23:50 duration.
Jamie Vex'd confirmed guest a few weeks back, his cut Inner System Travel just works so well.
The project goes far beyond audio book style mixes to a more layered, scene by scene deft soundtrack sonic entertainment.
Well worth listening to it all afterwards before heading home in early dawn hours.

Walking along the now overgrown fence fronting the now shuttered Starbucks at Cooper Union along St Mark's place , a group of tiny furry little roundish mice had run to the center of the sidewalk when no one was walking by and they scattered back in to the vines and shrubbery.

Soundtrack week. and now getting into the next soundtrack -JG Ballard tributes / memorials Atrocity Exhibition.