Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dance ov days

Spring warmth longer days windows open
Birds sing in the dark, one hawk has been calling from the trees

Good, great feelings from a mighty Dystopians performance last Saturday night combined with post - jams goodness after IY -LL session Wednesday.
Lots to listen to and lots to hopefully build on. Wrote to Dennis, Sal today.
We had been booked to play 2/20 but that and a few other things didn't end up happening ,
so sweet then to finally get to it and have it be this intense.
By today though one feels through with that Feb. period and into mind & spirit spring cleaning , a smigden little less baggage drag now, seeing some wider webs of interconnection opened up.
Cannot underestimate the tribal power of making music ...
Compounded relief of having done the shows and the session, packing and unpacking gear each time , setting up transport , grappling with taxes, reading The Road , the Dalai Lama's visit this week and Interview on MSNBC, careful sleeping and deep dreaming.
A new president coming , eco awareness at a high , evolution , origins
Meditations ...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Five buyouts of the Apocalypse

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines shuts down
American Airlines cancels another 850 flights
Arthur C Clarke , Klaus Dinger , DIth Pran RIP
'negligent driving killed Princess Diana'
British churches find holes in roof
Iran says is testing advanced centrifuges , thousands of them
Iranian blogosphere
Zimbabwe runoff ? white farmers last days Mugabe still in place
Riots in Kenya
San'a Yemanis arrested in attack on homes of Westerners
Suicide bomber in Sri Lanka kills 14
Kathmandu Nepal 8 ahead ahead of elections involving the Maoists , citizens and the King
Tibetan flag flown during media tour in Xiahe in Gansu Province
Dollar mysteries , China , Olympic Games and Tibet
Polo to outfit American Olympians in China
Pope Benedict XV1 to address clergy sex scandals on US trip
Sydney 18 injured in Australia school rampage
French call off mission to treat hostage Ingrid Betancourt held by Columbian rebels
French yacht held by pirates off coast of Somalia
Texas 400 children removed from polygamist ran church

Monday, April 07, 2008

technopolis set lists

Great evening for Dystopians last Saturday night.
the whole night went well , we were able to concentrate on making the music and the second show was full
We'll be setting up the next movie night @ Monkeytown

Ike Yard has another session with Dennis Young and Sal P this week !

Working on a new compilation , 1980's Japanese music this time

Olympic relay London Paris ... SF