Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sounds of summer

The heat did break, wicked lightning storm blew through everything in it's path West to East,
dust dirt paper people flying up, a cabana slides off a roof.
Now on a quiet Saturday downstairs they are cutting down the tree outside the front door with a chainsaw.

Ike Yard offered a 12" EP with remix deal this past week details as they firm up.
DCC getting the mid- Sept. show, together, back in Studio next week .
Dystopians now looking like after mid Sept. . In Studio finishing Ep next Wed.
Mark/Stuart unit had a good jam with Robert Manos Wed., edited 35 + pieces out of the first two sessions last wkend.
Old friends come into town today, one leaves tomorrow.

Caught some of the Crossing The Bridge: Sounds Of Istanbul docu on Cable last night .
Didn't realize that was Alex Borsig going around town and doing the recordings ...
Congrats Alex !
Cable: The Fountain (finally), Paprika, Juon 2, Weeds, Crude Impact on Sundance.
Another Walkers program, this one on Dubrovnic Croatia.
Smooth white tiles, off white masonry walls, blue skies.
Rooftop sculptures, plants growing through ceramic fists, terrace with a view of brick red tile roofs and Adriatic sea.
One man is up on the rocks diving off to swim in the green blue clear ocean.
Love this show, HD walks through towns, sweet narration by Tomoko Nakajima.

Cheers for Tim Saccenti's teaser for the new Flying Lotus.
Mal off to Glasgow to see his family after 6 or more years.
Noyuri's busy week with shoots, insurance, arrangements.
She had to return Mischa Barton's copy of The Road to her after she left it at the shoot.
I came home and saw it there on the table, why was it there and thought 'good call '.
Some movie with a very young Mischa on IFC last night.

Earthquake in Japan North of Sendai erased roads, landslides destroyed an onsen
This followed the crazyness of the truck ramming stabbings in Akhabara last Saturday.
China floods ruined town to ease pentup water, photos of the earthquake aftermath on Wei Wei Ai's blog.
Two more Picasso's stolen in Sao Paulo, the last paintings stolen were found leaning against a wall.
Supreme Court ruling on detainees, Tim Russert RIP.

Best listening this week: Gas' Konigsforst 5
Now listening: Grungerman on Profan

Pouring rain , thunderclaps, blast of white lightning
Something close by got hit
Sirens wail