Sunday, December 14, 2003


the snow looked nice coming down today
Earth's magnetic field fading
North Pole ice cracking
emergency in the South Pole
Lunar eclipse on High Definition TV
Great 2 hr Yoshiki docu on NHK today.
Recording new Dom song
"You never forget your first Dominatrix" tomorrow,
to go out by wkend
Last wk Kukoo mastered his new 12" tracks ,
met Ramm & High Priest
Noyuri brought some great DCC @ Danceteria photos she took in 1985 bk from Japan .
From the same shoot as the pic inside the "DCC America" EP
bkstage at Danceteria .
She also had some great shots of the group live ,
Shin on bass , with The Rammellzee
and aerosol bombed marked up ambience downstairs .
Jan. 9 DCC @ Piano's
More ReReleases & new Compilation coming in 2004
Tussle "Don't Stop" Remix out about now on Tmu
Dystopians resume Feb.
Thurs Dec.18 DJ Red Alert