Wednesday, July 20, 2005

City in steam fog

The last days in the city have been so steamy , humid , like when you have to go down into the subway and you get that super hot blast of air - now you can get it by just stepping ... outside .
Coming back from BBQ at Billy Kluver's ol' house on Sat. night we could see the city with this heat fog cap across the tops of the tallest buildings ,
All the highway everything glowing or smeary in the haze.
I cannot remember there being such a stretch when it's stayed like this for days and days .
Well, tomorrow i go right into another hot city , Tokyo

Then I heard last night that after arriving Tokyo tomorrow , on the wkend we will be going out to the country for a tree house convention' ,
so that sounds pretty chill already ...
I take that as a sign this trip will be a great one.

So, if you are in Tokyo July 30th,
or Osaka July 29th , come on down to the Show

Will be back August 18
Cheers all and keep cool if you can ...

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Fifth Saturday in July.pre Tokyo roundup

DCC (SA.Rammellzee.Michael Diekmann.Shinichi Shimokawa.Nick Taylor aka DJ High Priest) Japan dates:

7/29 DCC Live @ Club noon Osaka
7/30 DCC Live @ Club Unit Tokyo

8/19 The Rammellzee @ Backjumps Live Issue 2 Berlin .
Rammellzee & PIPSLAB collab on visuals also MUNK one night , Kaos as well /Adrian Nabi & Co.
You may recall both Munk and Kaos had cool tracks on the Bi-Conicals Album

9/21 Bi-Conicals Of The Rammellzee lecture & performance @ Venice Bienalle Theatre Section (Ramm/DJ High Priest/SA)

9/22 - 10/1 Bi-Conicals Of The Rammellzee Euro/UK dates . Cyril @ zoobooking

the new DCC Ep should be fin rec by Nov.1
(DragRacing/DragRacing Rmx/deepSpacewoman/Funky Dream Four)

DCC now has the last 2 tracks for the all-new Album in sight and next up,
Nick made even more bts for us to choose and work with ...
These last tracks will add another two distinct genre bends in top of the
post-Miles DCC spacejazz hybrids of RunMap , Moons On Titan seas and Alpha delta,
Nick's Latin touches through out Album and hot/cold blended riphop , funk and riprok of DragRacing , You and me-superfunky and Funky Dream Four .

public domain songs getting suitable mixes for release
(Yellow Rose Of Texas by Nylon/Tomney / In The Good Old Summertime.SA & Geluso w/ vocals by Liz Janes). Watch for Liz on tour this summer ...

The new Pac Man Jam 25th Anniversary Ltd Ed. CD by Ben Jones of Paper Rad
now available
view the video by Ben Jones
Ben's fun fast and dance -y tune might get you or your kid out the chair to shake a leg . Nutty East Coast style.
I produced the track up @ Ritchies inside The Film Center.
Thanks to everyone involved - you know who you are

Next releases

1/2006 . the plan is to release "NY Noise Three"
(a 1979 - 1984 NYC no wave proto electro' Compilation) with Soul Jazz in UK
7 essential groups/units , 12 classic cuts . Details TBA

"Inflatable Duplex"

Thanks to Michael Kaufmann (Soul Junk and other music projects)
I have three drawings from 1988 in his "Inflatable Duplex: Architecture By Non Architects" show at Harrison Gallery in Indianapolis .

"The 1996 Games" from 1988 is the art / best rendering of the three .
During some moments bk during the cyberpunk period , partner William Barg and myself were thinking and planning a range of projects from the
"Hip Tech High Lit" project (WB/SA/W Gibson/B Sterling/Sean Young/Judy Nylon @ Caravan Of Dreams in Fort Worth & Biosphere Arizona '87),
SRL Video with small book release with Peyotol in Tokyo ,
and multiple music , nightclub cyberartists projects .
In this mode , the drawings i did then were filled with steam jetting through passageways and space ship corridors .
Game Zones for competition s real & virtual , biofdbk , scans , results Gamecycles

1988 . We were constantly scanning the media , pre internet
William contacted Syd Mead and we were sent glossy depictions of his concepts of lush botanicalized plazas , resort built into the side of a Hawaiian hillside .
He also called the guy who did the biggest Monster Truck shows about having SRL do a Monster Robot Show .

2005 . First showing of these drawings , easy to deal with Michael , a good experience .
Cheers Michael and keep it up