Saturday, January 24, 2004

Car Crash Flashback

No, not another entry about H Newton's death yesterday.
Rather , it's the title of an unreleased John Foxx era
early Ultravox track.
Catching up on old John Foxx news ,
on his site and others
noted these titles ,
most of which I hadn't known squat about ...

Harold Budd and J Foxx "Translucence"
Haven't hear it (yet) , but I do like the title .
Reminds me .
Bk in 1980 , I ventured to make a no budget little 16mm film with my then girlfriend Cyndy S that I titled 'Translucence'.
We cast an actor friend of Cyndy's in main role of the man who couldn't sleep , kept having dreams of his own death .,
also the neighborhood guy from 5th St. who did the piled up tower structure still seen in the neighborhood garden on Ave. B between 5th & 6th St ,
Model and actress Lisa Rosen ,
a cameo of her with James Nares ,
handsome club golden boy Hal Ludacer ,
Scott from Broadway and Konk and
Ester Balint later of "Stranger Than Paradise" .
Somehow I found that word 'Translucence' and it fit the thing we were doing .
Movie never got finished tho

J Foxx "Cathedral Oceans" .
Again , nice title John.
Haven't heard this either , just Goggled it all today.
How do those 2 words go together , oceans of sound
'oceans of time' (G Oldman /Coppola's "Dracula"),
somehow the hard and soft that go together.
On the to - be - released - this year Collection of downtown electronic (well, it's NOT uptown musik) i did for Harvestworks,
Judy Nylon does her piece "Blueprints For Aural Cathedrals" that describes a life lead as a voice provider for other artists , actor/VO spots , CM's and Corporations.
Hearing your own voice coming out of the local ATM while you snag your new 20's ...

Also didn't know Foxx did original music for Antonioni's "Identification Of A Woman" .
Got to check that too /missed it when it played here ,
qone in a blink .

Interesting , as this catching up comes after rding many Foxx mentions in current and 2002 -2003 Blogs .
Big up to ya's ...

One Googled up source of info mentions Foxx was /is (?) making some music with Robin Simon and Robin's brother.
A nod of recog , as Robin had placed an ad that ran in the Village Voice the day after Ultravox gigged gloriously (IMHO)
@ Hurrah's , must have been '79 or latest , 1980 .
I called him and Robin came on over and jammed with my group at the time The Futants , down in the celler space we rented (formerly Phillip Glass' space we heard ) on Houston St.
Robin , how the hell are ya man ?

Slight mental wince seeing John Foxx called
'the intellectuals Gary Numan' in one web article.
Not that I mind the Numan at all ,
The Futants one cover was "It Must Have Been Years" ,
I was well into the (then) new Numan releases.,
then 'Cars" broke .

But "Metamatic" esp. was someone else's vision
his mysterious / afternoon light /who am I touching /dissolving quite captivating coded elusive.

Damn cold, winter gray out there today.
Google bugaloo

Bye Helmut

Well, Helmut (Newton) sorry to hear it, but RIP man .
Now your old photog Books like "White Women" will prolly go up in price .
Those books brought some glimpse , secret knowledge, possibly guilty pleasure to anyone growing up in the 1980's .
Helmut showed us women's worlds we wanted to be in ,
outraged some editors and readers along his way and
generally became quite an icon.
What are we left with , uh , Terry Richardson ?

So bye Helmut ,
and sorry you chose to drive out of the Hotel and end up in a Ballardesque car crash out in overlit LA.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Boohbah !

Saw my first episode this morning .
nice intro with Japanese kids with image of Mt Fuji in the distance ,
preschool kids on the Great Wall of China ,
high production values throughout .
If you liked Teletubbies

Monday, January 19, 2004

2004 Releases & Rereleases

Happy to say it looks like a great year ahead ,
with the Death Comet Crew rerelease "DCC This Is Riphop" Album out on Tmu Feb.24 ,
the new "Bi Conicals Of The Rammellzee" Album out on Gomma in March ,
Also a new line of rereleased titles to be coming out
from a hopefully - soon - to - be - announced Co venture .
An essentials of unreleased NYC 1979 -1984 ' no wave -proto electro 'rerelease Compilation Ep & Album ,
the "Nowthenafter" downtown electronics Collection I produced for Harvestworks Tellus : It features Ikue Mori & DJ Olive ,
Marina Rosenfeld, David Linton & Charles Cohen ,
Toshio Kajiwara , Mark C, 8 Bit Construction Set ,
Judy Nylon, DJ Singe & MDiekmann (Ike Yard , DCC) ,
The Voodooists Rere 2005 > and More to follow TBA

also in 2004 , the new DCC 12" EP on Tmu
Out in fall or by year's end. With all new fresh & hot tracks .

with some luck , we could see in 2004

*the release of next 12" of neu Dom musik

New Tracks : These last days have been working on 2 tracks for my MC friend Kukoo's next record . Kukoo has his next 12" coming out from the makers this week and already it's been played up in the club .
Bk with more info to come on that

i look forward to the emergence of the first 2 tracks of a Public Domain Music project Judy Nylon and I have both been working on tracks for .

More new DCC . I woke up the other day from a dream in which DCC was working on a track in Studio.
i could still remember it after i got up and i went directly to the computer and tried to do the track ... maybe we hear it on the DCC all new Album that will follow the new EP ...

New Dom . Am continuing to work on new Dominatrix tracks

have to do a new Sdtks Demo soon

I am working from a plan to have all rereleases out there in the next few years and at same time do new music concepts on another series of 12"s & Ep's that includes the ongoing Dominatrix scene but also the other Sisters including gT
as well ...

Thanks to Troubleman (
for the DCC Album . It rocks well

There are also other DenseMedia Domain projects developing
both here and in Tokyo .
Hopefully there will be news forthcoming from there as well