Saturday, October 15, 2005

Big stars are born near Milky Way's black hole

Never know what you will catch on NHK product news bits , yesterday it was ...
the Anti Ballistic Rose .
Young designer made this black ceramic rose piece out of enough layers that it can act as a bulletproof .
It looked good

As regularly happens after a good long trip , some thoughts become mantra
this time after Europe from Venice to Brussels , every newspaper TV channel
seemed apparent the rest of the world could use a group like Dystopians as much as
the US needs it .
That added to a done deal by adding layers of reasons why
and some 'where it should go ?' ideas too

Thursday, October 13, 2005

New York Neukoln Antwerp

Some jet lag from Europe trip wore off days ago but some lingers through these dark mornings.
Have been enjoying just being back in my apartment , only going out for shopping ,
all unpacked by now and gone through many things , working updating projects news , files and working on new projects that didn't exist on the to do list before leaving to Europe. Recent weather reminds us of Belgium when we left there one week ago
Here it's been 5-6 days of rain now over 10 inches of rain a record
Gray waves of low storm clouds sound of waves of rain sheeting down ,
more and more water for hours pouring down a car horn is rare phone quiet
just rain on leaves and against windows
Yesterday looking out a window as a flock of birds came out of the clouds
i can see it raining into Brooklyn , across lower Manhattan
by today it seems to be breaking up a bit

Footage of Amsterdam streets on NHK today brought it back that we were just there not so long ago ,
a Mongolian tale on Travel Channel ,
research on Genoa and Baffin Island

Listening . Bowie's Low : Art Decade , Weeping Wall , Subterraneans

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

new Dom, rare Dom , Gigolo Freak Show

It's been a bit of a world tour , some of the biggest , best shows ever for DCC and Rammellzee - never expected to play for 600 in Tokyo or 3000 in South Of France
and culturally it's been good to get out of NYC (and the US)
Grabbing or making chunks of time to do what I wanted during these tours has made a real difference in what I am thinking and doing .
Have had to see , hear and digest quite a bit after all these cities and worlds of possibilities .
Each used bookstore or mag stand i dipped into had something i could enjoy ,
in Europe in the last minutes before the next train i would buy a few choice postcards , in bookstore in Modenatie I could see that striking cover photo of 'The Wirtz Gardens'and dig into Mick Rock's 'Ziggy' "Moonage Daydream" book - all those great photos Mick hadn't released before , all the pics to the left or right of the ones we used to hang on our walls !
Layer after layer of style , fashion, music , mags , music in taxi's as well as quiet moments writing notes , organizing thoughts

Back here I am turning it all into the new Dominatrix Ep's tracks ,
talked to Dominique Davalos in LA yesterday and we will be resuming her role as Dom vocalist in a bigger way this time 'round.
And meeting the Gigolo people in Berlin gave me new reason to hope the new one will be with them (again , after the 2003 "... Sleeps Tonight" rerelease)

The Dominatrix 'Rare & unreleased' Ep is set for Delic Tokyo release in 2006 and we anticipate live gigs around the world to go with both the Japanese release and the upcoming all new EP

Did pick up a copy of Gigolo's Freak Show DVD when i met them in Berlin and looking forward to watching !

Our engineer and Co producer Paul Geluso has been moving The Public Domain Ep songs
mixes along while I was gone and they are getting close to done .

After Europe , i see a real need for my new group Dystopians to get into gear and onto our first real songs , as I expect I can get gigs there and a ready audience for what we have to say

And the sisters Ep i have been looking forward to is another round closer after the Europe Tour - i see a market for it there and with a collaboration between actress Sean Young and I , the other two new cuts will be worked on soon enough .

Clearing up the rerelease music has taken a good deal of time (and time dealing) but appear on track to having everything I have done that's worth rereleasing getting out there ...

Here's to all the people who helped us on tour and who we met on tour !
I'm @

Sunday, October 09, 2005

zuider terra

Last Sunday night we enjoyed the nice Japanese style Kamo nabe with matsutake mushrooms , did a laundry we hoped would dry by the next day and caught up on sleep while staying at Noyuri's friends home in Paris.
Next day over a soundtrack of Yukkiko's reggae tape we were kindly driven through the crowded streets up to Paris Nord station where we caught a train to Antwerp and settled in for a one hour ride, transfer at Lille and we got into Antwerp after dark ...
Cool young taxi driver with a ponytail was next in the taxi line and we got a nice ride through town on the way South to zuid and the B&B we were going to stay at for the next 2 days .
I had found this penthouse online and it was quite nice , good location somewhat special all around . It was a good sized loft style room with high ceiling and one glass wall with a nice white curtain to draw across it , robes , mini stereo set , cherry beers brought to us by the owner .
It was already past 9 so we didn't know what we might find open foodwise but we went just a few feet and found the good italian pizza , soup dinner before their kitchen's closed at 10 .
In front of the restaurant was the massive Fine Arts Museum
trams rolled by , bikes , walkers easy open feeling in Antwerp and we slept well .
Tue's we explored Antwerp after checking email and immediately found
Ann Demeulemeester'wonderful shop where I could check out the season's men wear on the second floor, watch video of the past season shows .
Then onto Veronique Branquinho's Shop on Nationalestraat , Louis ,
Modepaleis -Dries Van Noten , nice lunch a at a place i recalled from the Times recommendation online , further shopping by Noyuri to Francis which i found amazing looking through the racks there ...
I headed to the river side to catch a bit of sunset before heading bk to the room
Dinner that night we got out late again and decided on the Red Hat ,
a superior local place that was probably better then it's surrounding restuarants on the tourist row there by the cathedrals where we had the mussels and frites , fish soup and a glass of young Veniver .
Exploring the area around there led us to a larger square and the Grobe markt with Statues figures dragons piling high in the center
A nice second morning in Antwerp a bit rainy but we did make it to Modenatie and the Russian show , the book store (Wirtz Gardens , Ziggy Stardust by Mick Rock).

We packed and called taxi to Station and onto Brussels Wed. afternoon eating the sandwiches we had made at the B&B earlier
From the area around the station we could see another old area which was amazing ,
I saw a big round window in one of the buildings , other odd shapes and special workings , another Anvers 16th century old town