Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Dominatrix action

Great to hear that
"The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" Rerelease on Gigolo
has been appreciated in the clubs and in the UK & European mags w/
a no.1 on Zzub Chart Music the Week of 28/1
a tip from Jonty @ Scruff 'Tipsters' 24/1 as well as
'Single of the week ',
Sleaze. Stuart Turnbull's 'Tastemakers' in Music Week Jan.,
and reviews coming in JockeySlut by Jonny Slut & Tiga ,
Juice , iDj and many others

after all , it's the 20th anniversary of the song this year
1984 - 2004

there's more to come , unreleased Dom , neu Dom,
just started a new track last night

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Janet's boob stopped traffic

ooh my .
We had the Madonna & Britney kiss
(Christina was there too but gets left out of story,
maybe a Pepsi /Corp. stipulation ?) ,
after Michael Jackson's ,uh manipulations
can a boob top them all and make you pay attention ?
Where was R Kelly ?
c'mon pile on the talent it's halftime

The Lake claimed
"I'll have you naked by the end of this song"
then out popped Janet's breast.
Popped right out of her 'Matrix' /Dominatrix
(I've been seeing these outfits ,
Britney sported one of my old outfits,
glad to see that Dom outfits are just what u gotta wear /dare , still ...)
oufit .
CBS was shocked ,
after Jessica Lynch , cancelling "The Reagans" ,
and paying Michael to do his "60 Minutes" show.
The NFL shocked , hey - they can hire VH1 next year.
CBS , MTV & VH1 all owned by Viacom .
And there was the ad for Cialis ,
'if erection lasts more then 4 hours ,
seek immediate med attention'

Ah , such is the State of Amurika,
Land of the free
(breast) milk and honey
ho's , Nelly .
Viewers of "Everyone Loves Raymond" want you to know they are outraged .

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Camel Stops Traffic In Sweden Snowstorm

looks like its SuperBowl Sunday ,
America fat and sassy ...

Atlanta.Jan.29 A proposed set of guidelines for
middle and high school science classes in Georgia has
caused a furor after state education officials
removed the word "evolution"
and scaled back ideas about the age of the earth
and natural selection of species .
Georgia's schools super Kathy Cox held a press conf. Thurs near the Capitol ,
a day after the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an article about the proposed changes .
A handful of states already omit the word "evolution" from their teaching guidelines, and Ms.Cox called it
"a buzzword that causes a lot of negative reaction".
She added that people often associate it with
"that monkeys- to- man sort of thing"

244 dead and 244 injured in a Muslim Hajj stone throwing ritual

the MyDoom virus took out the SCO website
the current bird flu killed one more in Thailand

'Pixar twists the mouse's tail' was the headline .
it was more than a twist .
Glad Steve Jobs walked away from Disney .
Martha Stewart in court .
MSoft vs Google
MTV Afterhours .
new Ludicris vid budget well spent
(wall to wall digital clean Shangri la / the many hipsnappin ladies that appear through each verse)
Chicken and Beer it said ...
Kelis video for "Milkshake" whoa Kelis great track give it up
the shots of her dancing in those tight jeans
and she's styled so smooth .
Dug the "intro" - "trick me" - "MShake" - "Keep it down" sq on her Album too .
On one VH1 show the first Tatu video was on the
'Worst videos' show ,
then next show had them on it's 'Hot' show .
Hey , those Tatu vids were better then alot of duff out there .
Missy's "Hot" , is that the same stylist that put the cool eyelash on Kelis in that Busta vid a couple years bk ?
First shot of Missy with those white eyelash
The Primal Scream with Kate Moss "Some Velvet Morning"
Two Lone Swordsmen remix has grown on me .
i got to listen to the Album some more .
I watched all 3 parts of last weeks "Traffic" on USA .
A scary kind of wow , thot it worked with the previous "Traffic"s contexts ,
Set - in - Afghan night adventures pierced
by green pencil thin laser beam through .
History Channels "The Barbarians" i found invaluble .
From The Vikings , to the Goths one hour .
second show Huns to Mongols .
The sack of Rome and
into the Dark Ages

Tonight i should go down to ABC NoRio and check these Bandura players,
Tue's night (Feb.5) Andy Weatherall will be @ Apt.
Wed. Dizzee Rascal w/ Matthew Dear , Beans, DJ Singe gig

DCC Feb.27 Gig :
this past week we set up the cool upcoming DCC gig with Afrika Bambaata & Soul Sonic Force @ Knitting Factory -
the scene of our last (and first gig in 20 years) gig Oct. 2003 @ CMJ .

many other things are going on with
the new DCC Album 'This Is Riphop" on Tmu out March 2
"Bi -Conicals Of The Rammellzee" on Gomma out March also
'no wave' Ep and "Nowthenafter" Ep's both coming up ,
neu Dom and Kukoo tracks in the Studio now .
Dominatrix , Sisters & Dystopians / past present future

Camel Stops Traffic In Sweden Snowstorm
was last headline i saw today .
moon is already out
kids are sledding on the hill across the way
still a big expanse of untrod snow on the Basketball court below the window
quiet Sunday here in Stuyvesant Town