Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gas @ Club Transmediale Berlin

Tonight Wolfgang Voight's Gas project opens Berlin's Club Transmediale.
Low in the forest, into the nightclub . Wish I was there . Shout out . Respect

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Elephant Dance at Tier 3 1980

I received an email through friends from Rob Feldman re: Elephant Dance
Rob ' I have a CD of a live show at TIER 3 in 1980 featuring ELEPHANT DANCE, a project headed by AL DIAZ with Rob Feldman (guitar) and Ira Rosen (keyboards) Richard McGuire (bass) Stewart Arbright (drums) Shannon from KONK and various members of LIQUID LIQUID and KONK plus a few friends. I'm trying to find Al Diaz but if any of you guys would like to hear this I'll try and send it on to you. There's two good songs with decent sound and about twenty minutes of studio rehearsal, it's wild and wooly and worth a listen.

I hope Al Diaz can be contacted as he should know about this and Richard as well ...
I have those sessions in my diaries but don'r remember too much about the music we made
so it might be fun to hear , finally ...
Al was also involved with the recording of the music track for The Rammellzee Vs K -Rob classic BeatBop
and was drawing around town with JMB under that SAMO tag early on.