Saturday, September 18, 2004

giant thunder rolled through the morning sky, wall of rain flooded ,
but the subway ran though and so up to Studio
Sunset was great , sudden orange sunlight , blue , light gray , dark
cool like fall weather

2 songs left to remix for Kukoo's Album "That's What U Get Fa Blinkin
Cutey Honey is at Tribeca Grand next wkend
Nowave Ep cover work ,
Public Domain prep for Liz Janes to sing on
"In The Good Old Summertime" .
DCC prep for CMJ Oct.13 Tmu Showcase , finishing new Ep soon ,
going onto Album tracks Nick's new beat ,MD's piece , my pieces
Studio schedules set .
new Dom, Dyystopians, sisters all proceeding fine.
The great Gomma Album "Bi-Conicals Of The Rammellzee" is getting US distribution

"Innocence" , the anime followup by Director of "The Ghost In The Shell" , opens soon
some fx look good

that rain this morning was torrential

crazy *hit happening around the world
Putin vs Chechen , China people migrating to the cities , Afghanistan , Iraq, Iran,
Sudan , Nepal ,Columbia

boom, boom crash

'Swiss researchers report finding of the brain where dreams are made' 9/11
CNN newscrawl

sleep well my brothers and sisters
sleep well ...

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Johnny Ramone RIP

Another piece of what NYC was is gone
(even though Johnny had been living in LA) ,
with respect to Ramones

Sunday, September 12, 2004


the lights in the sky over Battery Park were pretty last night ,
going way up into the sky .
i walked across the wet grass out on the Oval and stopped to gaze at the white light
what that date means for those who saw it happen
Sept.11th ... hmmm

Kukoo's Album is about half mixed now , the rest should fin next week ,*hit's hot .
We dunno who's putting it out - yet .
I'll do a Kukoo single on Rapid Expansion Corp if no else picks it up

"Nowave protoelectro" NYC 1979 -1984 EP with UT , IMplog , Ike Yard + . Jan.2005 on REC

In other news :
Liz Janes will be coming to NYC for CMJ and it looks like she will do vocals for
"In The Good Old Summertime" for the public domain music Ep '05

DCC is preparing to finish the new EP for Tmu '05 :
"RollinTumblin Rider" / deepSpacewoman / Let the clubs ring / Rider Rmx +
Gig at the Tmu Showcase for CMJ Oct.13 @ North Six in Brooklyn
and we are trying to hook up WFMU radio for while Shin is here in NYC Oct.8 -25.
"This Is Riphop" Album (w/ hidden track 30 sec. after last track ) out now through ADA

Dyystopians working on some great new music, will begin assembling songs, tracks , ensemble for live set in future ...

tonight we were hanging out with the TKNY people and Mari Sugawara , great people,
fun all around, well stocked and well fed said .
Most remembered audio was the Andy Weatherall DJ set , edge of club musik as always , techno still good