Tuesday, April 06, 2004

groups 1976 - 2004

for the record

the main groups I've worked with are
* i made The Rudements with my friends in N Va. in 1976
We were the new guys on to the DC punk scene ,
got banned from the Atlantis Club in DC (later the 9:30 Club ),
luckily included in the "30 Seconds Over DC" Compilation from Limp Records - which sounds like it will see a proper rerelease through Henry Rollins Label District Line in 2004 ...

* after arrival in NY 1978 ,
i gradually got The Futants together down on Houston Street with Mike (Frank) Finley on guitar and Martin Fischer from back in West Berlin .
We made a great ragged electro rock and gigged @ Tier 3, CBGB's '24 hours of music',
Squat Theatre , hung around the Mudd Club ,
did a photo shoot , 1979, but unfortunately never made a record . Martin RIP ...

* Ike Yard 1980-1982
1981 Ep Crepescule
1982 Album Factory America

* Dominatrix 1984- 2004

* DC aka Death Comet Crew 2004
Death Star Crew , Arena Sex Death 1984

* The Voodooists . with William Barg and Steve Breck
1992 Warlock 12" Ep "Damballa 2000/The Jungle And The Zoo"
1992 ASK /Kodansha/Toshiba EMI LaserDisc "Video Voudou"
TB Rere

* black rain 1989 -1999 with Shinichi Shimokawa ,
Dave Vulcan, Bones and Thom .
after wild gigs at Tompkins Square Park Anniversary of the riots , stage surrounded by police looking for trouble ,
GG Allins last gig @ Gas Station , C Squat , CBGB's .
Also later we were invivted to do the Sdtks for William Gibson "Neuromancer" Audio Book 10 th Anniversary Edition and
also the original musik for the Robert Longo /William Gibson movie "Johnny Mnemonic" and 2 CD Albums on Fifth Column Rec's ...
1995 "1.0"
1996 "nanarchy" feat. "Night Island 2.Birdsthat sleep inthe townofneon signs" , "Das Dusenflugzeug" , "Alternities" "xerfem"

the TV Sdtks work with Chuck Hammer for NY Times TV took up 1997 - 2000 ...

and now we have a resurgent Dominatrix on Gigolo ,
DCC on Troubleman ,
TUSSLE "Don't Stop" remix on EP
"Bi -Conicals Of The Rammellzee" on Gomma,
new Dystopians thing ,
more excellent compilations and who knows what else
more coming up this year ...