Tuesday, May 31, 2005

art run

Lost final episode was good , liked the ending well enough with the boat appearing shining their light on the raft ...

26th. Noyuri's friend came in from Tokyo for a look around the art scene & museums . We met him at MOMA , went to lunch and onto Nomadic Museum on the West side but the line was really long , up to Japan Society for Murakami Show Little Boy which had a lot of great stuff , some great art by interesting Japanese artists, notable show...
Next the Met for Diane Arbus and rooftop which was glorious in late day sun big clouds blowing across the sky , blinding sun glinting off buildings skins.
Up a couple streets to Neue Museum for early German and Austrian photo portraits , Egon Schiele , Klimt art and excellent photos of Klimt, one of him holding his cat was funny , great place , great feel in the gallery , shop , cafe looks interesting too
28th.Up to Beacon NY to the large DIA BEACON artspace .
The ride up on MetroNorth was easy enough , past Cold Spring there was the high rocky mountain looming right up the other side of the Hudson River , a little further along the river we pass a castle ruin out on an island . Then we arrived and walked up the road to DIA and went inside.
The space is so big , so many windows in rows in the ceiling
immediately striking airy light of the space
The huge Warhol room with comfy couchs in the middle of the space ,
The Heise hole spaces in the floor , Spider , the outside soundscape ,many highlights
29th . Up to Inwood for afternoon party and returned downtown
then Noyuri's friend went bk to Japan Mon.
We think he had a great time !

June 1. Kraftwerk's coming up Wed. night