Wednesday, October 04, 2006


N Korea plans Nuclear test

Chinese Graft inquiry; a chance to even some scores as shakeup is coming
CCP's try to 'wipe out resistance to their policies agenda

Persian blog filtered

US Military recruiting Felons, racists , Gangmembers

Man arrested for criticising VP Dick Cheney sues

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nuits Blanche Amiens

After cking the Nuit Blanche info on the website , it appears that while DCC ,
T.Raumschmiere Schneider TM Gavin & Delia Water Lilly Apparat Pixeltan
My Robot Friend Fancy Plasticines 3-1 Tepr Kunt and Motocross among others will be performing on Thurs night in Amiens , France.
No mention of James Chance or Liquid Liquid ...

Paris of course has their own White Night festivities the same night,
last year we happened to be there , there was alot of people out on the streets that night after our gig at Casino Nouveau.Wish we'd made it into the party at the former Communists HdQtr's , but the long line of partygoers in black led some of our party to push forward and go to another party , but all good that night.

Monday, October 02, 2006

We're getting out of here and your invited !

Through sometimes blurring effects of jet lag
we noticed when it got quite a bit cooler a few days ago
Not so much of a distinct post travel bubble this time , zapped right bk into US TV, and reading NYTimes online and still buying the Sunday edition

Just missed seeing that crane accident down 3rd Avenue on Friday,
a crowd quickly filled the sidewalks , wondering if someone got hurt and how bad
The food from Whole Foods tasted good as i set out to get some before we left for Europe on Wed., re'ing up good food experiences again before leaving

After checking out Amiens on the 6th and dinner set for later,
the show will be the next night , 10:30 PM Saturday night as part of the Amiens White night goings-on .
Shin's flying in from Japan with his bass

On the weekend , DCC members will visit the Louve , Musee Gustav Moreau
and the vast city of the dead at Pere-Lachaise wherein lies Bizet Proust Chopin Collette Jim Morrison

The DCC Album has been evolving steadily over the summer, by now it's only a couple more sessions away from being finished track wise, so we will try to do next session hot after Amiens show and wrap it before year end