Friday, April 15, 2005

'All the boys are wearing their bioscience drag ...'

Even more smaller earthquakes - in Kyushu S Japan , in Sumatra a volcano

Thinking about The Ramones, listening again to the remastered first Album .
Too bad Joey and Johnny are gone by now .
All of Television are still around . Heading down Avenue A the other night to get a slice, grinning Richard Hell came bounding around the corner with take-out in right hand .
Abaad formerly of DC's The Razz came up to the city and although i had admired his hectic guitar squall from the audience bk in 1975-'76 , we'd never actually met.
Four of us had a nice dinner @ Esashi then i brought them down to Happy Endings to a Warp party with Prefuse and Beans , missed Mal's set , caught Steven Christian's.

Listening to Ultravox! HA HA HA Artifical Life
Googling The Mudd Club today and found link followed to an article that chronicling the New Wave Vaudeville Show ('the term New Wave first appeared in 1978 ...')
the Mudd Club scenes , Tier 3 , saw the Downtown 81 DVD, cked Mudd Club Berlin
laughing along with Nicholas Taylor's texts that accompany his J M Basquiat photo show on CEPA site - 20 odd tales of Mudd Club nights, the watery coffee Dave's Luncheonette, those thrift suits the boys wore , Madonna teasing ,
Nick's Apt. on 92nd off Broadway
Unica Zurn @ Ubu Gallery closes Saturday
Crazy scary news last night about the Bioscience Co. and the flu they sent out.
Oh, today the report is that some is missing ?
*ucking stupid .