Saturday, March 05, 2005

DCC , The Rammellzee , Public Domain Ep

DCC new Ep action : After a good session on RollinTumblin Rider
the other week upstate Studio with Paul G,
the plan is now to get the next songs Let the Clubs ring and deepSpacewoman finished ASAP , prolly within the next two months .
The new DCC Ep (RollinTumblin Rider /Let the Clubs ring /deepSpacewoman/ Rider remix)

Almost all of the all-new Album's tracks are well underway ,
listened to them all last night in one go - and while it's not done yet
it's sounding like a special collection
the group picked up where we left off twenty years ago and came out firing with next level *hit that i believe almost everyone can appreciate .
The Ep has an almost off- hand trash fun amok opener RollinTumblin Rider' that's
like a twenty first century rogue generation Surfin Bird garage /garbage vibe rocking

The DCC Album (unnamed as of yet) will contain :
RollinTumblin Rider
Let the Clubs ring
Funky Dream 4
Ignition spark
Moons on Triton seas
alpha Delta
'One on Ones'

The Rammellzee's strapped on the Crew ,
Honeychild Coleman is onboard on 'deepSpacewoman'

Upcoming: TBC. DCC Tokyo July 29 or 30th @ Unit
Upcoming: The Rammellzee lecture & Performance Sept.21 @ Venice Bienalle
Ramm will lecture on physics, Gothic Futurism, language and performs that night
doing cuts from the Gomma "Bi-Conicals Of The Rammellzee" Album ,
with DJ High Priest (DCC & x Gray) and myself trying to keep sound & show running
Possible 8 city Euro Tour to follow the Bienalle .
Will keep you posted on "Bi-Conicals" Euro

Pubic Domain Ep . Both cuts for this are almost done .
Judy Nylon wrote new lyrics for rawhide & tumbleweed version of "Yellow Rose Of Texas" with Ed Tomney .
And my version of "In The Good Old Summertime" with Paul Geluso changes the key and tempo from original and features new vocals by the wonderful Liz Janes
(currently with her own "poisons & snakes" solo release on Asthmatic Kitty)
who I was so lucky to get into the Studio while she was here for CMJ last Oct.
These 2 will be finished upstate soon as well .
Then i find a deal for the project ...

exposure to mercury

Exposure to mercury costs the US economy $8.7 billion a year in lost pay potential,
a study in Environmental Health Perspectives says
EPA adopted a weaker 'safe dose' for perchlorate , a rocker fuel contaminant
Israel warn Palestinians on Gaza withdrawal . Lebanon . Syria . Egypt . Iraq
Haitian Police open fire in Port-Au-Prince on Aristide backers marking the one year anniversary of his fall, killing 2 and wounding 8
Bengaladesh ferry capsizing , earthquakes ,
rare form of plague kills 61 at a remote Northeast Congo diamond mine
Fierce storms batter California again
crows chase the hawk in dawn hours

Friday, March 04, 2005


musik I've done or i like

DC & NYC punk
post punk
electro , techno , Klub music
hip hop , dirty South , crunk , bounce , Miami bass , Diplo
Baltimore breaks, Chicago booty bass , Texas screw & cough syrup , UK grime
Industrial ,post industrial , digital hardcore
rok, rock, blues

next hiphop
next rock /post rock
next techno, electro