Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New York Noise #3

This one's for the people over on ILM ...

Yes, Noise 3 is pretty much a wrap ,
some final tracks Masters still to hand in , a bit of text here and there,
filling out the odd artist who didn't send a photo or text ...

Fun ? more fun then Noise 2 ? well, possibly .

The collection hits a fun No Wave/next to No wave/post No wave groove with
IMPLOG's cuts "Holland Tunnel Dive" and "Sea Creatures" ,
Judy Nylon's "Jailhouse Rock" and SNATCH's "Black Market".

Before that UT has 2 cuts (yea, I know they were on #2 as well- but I had 'em first bk before #2 - "Sham Shack" had been my first choice , they have 2 other rere's out this summer as well, so longtime coming and deserved).
After SNATCH ( Boston & NY ladies playing in London) we have
James Blood Ulmer ,
and as it heads into proto electro - Robin's Dark Day and Window ,
the almost lost to the city Boris Policeband from his one 45 from '79 (Stereo/Mono on Vacuum Records)
Marty Rev ( who was good to us when we were the young 'uns in town),
a couple cold Ike's (including one not on the rere),
ending up with an unreleased Dominatrix rolling tribal track -y
"City That Never Sleeps".

Being I arrived in NYC spring '78,
this collection goes with the landscape that presented itself then;
ends of No wave , some still potent , offshoots of bigger groups
and the beginnings of toy kyboards and we got into early synth useage and cyber systems musicmaching with The Futants and Ike.
It seemed a mighty long way from the P.A.S.S Benefit @ CB's with UT and Material
to dancing to Shannon @ Area ...
The good years only lasted a while longer, really
Many group members already cut out by mid '80's

I remember Lydia and Jim HATING the Dominatrix performance @ Area,
She might have been sore that Ike didn't take up her offer that we be her'backing band' those years before .
Ha ! wot an idea ...