Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kirchner and the Berlin street

Nights getting cooler now.
Great sessions all week; a Dystopians Aliens run through ,session with Nomi and outpost Thurs night.
The other day we pulled up to a corner in the West Village and saw Kiefer Sutherland at the curb.
Tremors from the US financial breakdown centered around Wall Street all week long and through the city.
So last night we broke out and went up to MOMA to see the Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's Berlin Street scenes from 1913 -1915.
The seven large street scenes along one long room were impressive,
the paintings of darkened streets, crowds at corners, veiled women of the night posing,
the interactive sketchbooks are a seemingly popular, discreet addition.
Being able to view the contents of three of Kirchner's sketchbooks was a nice highpoint.
MOMA also had a few other cool shows, Dreamland:Architechural Experiments since the 1970's ,
Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling included a nice video on the Nakagin Capsule Building in Shiodome Tokyo, footage of the architects group the Metabolists in a meeting, Kisho Kurokawa in a smart suit and others sitting in a room. Outdoor in the lot space next to the museum there were full size 'prefab' constructions that everyone could walk around inside,
spectacular lighting midtown views from the top floors and decks throughout all kinds of people going up and down the various stairs.
Afterwards a special first Matsutaki of the season dinner party downtown with friends,
In the distance below ringed by bright white light one dirty white construction shovel was scrabbling at Ground Zero ...

Upcoming shows :
9/30. outpost ( Mark C / Stuart Argabright / Alice Cohen / Rami El Aaser ) does debut @ Maxwell's in Hoboken NJ
for the Benefit for the Neuman Leather Building tenants w/ Yo La Tengo , $5 Priest among others

9/30. DCC & Nomi @ Zipper Factory .W/ Nomi at 10 , my guess is DCC is around 9 PM or a bit after

Thursday, September 18, 2008

the happening world 9/18

Osama's org regrouped in Yemen
US missile strike kills 6 near Afghan border
Baghdad street bombings
Medvedev: Russia should claim Arctic
Zimbabwe power sharing agreement stirs doubt
Magnitude-5 quake hits Iran's Qeshm island in the Persian Gulf,
the second strong tremor to hit in a week
after a Sept.10 magnitude 6 quake killed 7 ,
sent tremors across the Gulf and shook the sky scrapers of Dubai ...