Thursday, June 30, 2005

motes in dust space . DCC

Last 7 days burst of actions :

Bassist , multi instrumentalist Shinichi Shimokawa arrived last Wed. to take care of some biz and work on prep for DCC's upcoming trip to Japan.
We worked up new parts for Funky Dream Four , went over plan for Osaka and Tokyo gigs.
MD drove upstate to Paul's Studio Sat. AM to rec trks to Funky Dream Four ,
synched up Rammell's friend Nadia Lippman's angry/deadpan vocals from cassette in first try , laid down 3 kyboard trks , did a quick mix .
Next we input another piece i call "Alpha delta" into ProTools ,
did the arrangement on paper and on the fly.
This gives us 10 songs for the all new DCC Album .

Listening to Alice Coltrane , Sandy Bull cuts while driving up
One interesting Beach Boys cut , Roxy and Ziggy on the return into Manhattan that night .
Past Stadium all lit up , motorcyclists with cloth over their faces,
a number of large dead deer on side of highway along the way

Rehearsals Sunday and Monday , programming sounds on sampler ,
critiquing rehearsals in meeting , laying out plan for DCC Europe 2006.

Shin left yesterday so last night I was free to dumb myself in front of the TV
Real World Austin, Eminem's "8 Mile" which i found myself watching till the end, bruised E reminded me of Malcolm M in "A Clockwork Orange" - flash of him in that drag for an old Spin mag cover ...

"Kekexili" , a movie true story about Chinese citizens patrolling for pashmina poachers shot in Tibet's cold far region was playing up @ ImaginAsian ,
but didn't make it out . Too humid to deal ...

calls coming in from LA and Berlin for The Rammellzee ,
travel plans getting complicated

Now listening : Wie Der Wind Am Ende Einer Strasse by Amon Duul 2