Friday, September 01, 2006

Tokyo bound

Off to Tokyo in a couple hours until the 27th !

* DCC' Drag Racing on 'From The Power House'on Berlin's Meteosound /Shitk
* Ike Yard '1980 -82 Collected' on Acute Records , we are now talking about doing more together in future , TBA
* New York Noise #3 on Soul Jazz to be released late Oct./Nov. far as I know

Cheers and stay alive

Monday, August 28, 2006

ATM mistake leads to $70,000,000 credited

In Yamaguchi a Japanese girl (20) is killed in her classroom labo
Hokkaido boy (16) killed Mother (49) by stabbing her in the neck

A Ural Russia Ekaterinburg City citzen deposited 2000 roubles ($74)
and the ATM credited his account to the tune of $70,000,000

US . 'Katrina cough' one year later some still have it

Iraqi's loot former British Base next night after it's vacated
Iran massive military exercises

Italy . ESAS Envisat sat images of the Phlegrean Fields close to Naples show uplift phase has begun

24 wins Best Drama and Kiefer Sutherland best actor

9/24 Shibuya Nanzuka Underground . Delic Records Release party for 'Pieces' electro CD with Noyuri Tokiwa , Shin from DCC and black rain and myself -SA