Wednesday, May 19, 2004

'virtual devils attack online church'

Welly welly well
now things are heating up ...

God's online now huh ?
What Corporation owns him / her / it ?

Abuse by virtual priest cases being compiled at this very moment on servers around the world.
What's the payout for that ?

irreality anyone or everyone ?

turning bk the Aliens

Would have been nice to go hear Ellen Allien @ Apt. last night,
glad I got a heads up that she wouldn't be there.
She was stopped on way into the USSA .
We all know who else got in no problems , but DJ /musikmaker/label owner Allien
couldn't get in.
I say that without knowing any details about her situation - but that won't stop me from taking the chance to
take our current regime to task for their hassling .
So very ready for Nov. elections ...

* MC Kukoo checked in after a successful trip to the Left Coast for the E3 Game Conf.
Kukoo Dabagabonz tracks @ &
He's rippin and runnin' , he's got his team and things are coming together for him

* Clubbin'. Checked out 'Rothko' on LES last wkend ,same space the electro'-ish SIN Fest. occupied a couple years bk
This was a Flyer Party , Colder played - not much to say about them , I liked Joy Division alot so didn't need to hear them warmed over, oh 20 years later
the place became a sweatbox and DJ I went to hear Tim Sweeney ("Bi-Conicals" scratch DJ) had cut out early.
Best part was seeing some good people and thanks for the gin tonic Simon and Tara