Friday, February 20, 2004

and then ,The Rudements

Today an old mate came up to town.
Tim Cornish , a High School friend and key member of the first group i was part of , The Rudements.
We made The Rudements bk in 1977
after Tom Verlaine's Television and Richard Hell's VoidOid's first records came out and ruled our brains.
So out of our bassist Bruce's basement we covered walls ,
spray painted , taped and threw up our rehearsal space.
And we did make a place to sweat , day after day
after school we got together to play ,
friends filed in and out (often right out !) ,
punctuated by inspirational band breaks to listen to records and otherwise fuel up.
We were pretty out there for a band of High Schooler's
and we kept at it after we got out of school.
The Rudements were banned after 1 gig @ DC's Atlantis Club
(later the 9:30 Club) , instantly notorious.
There may still be a few copies of the red vinyl
"30 Seconds Over DC" compilation around .
Rick Rubin's American Records' called in the early 1990's wanting to rerelease it , but couldn't get in touch with everyone .
Too bad - it is then left for someone else to Rere ...
We were one of the first bands to record at Don Zientara's new Studio in 1977 , before the DC hardcore groups.
So before DCC, Dom, Ike Yard and The Futants there were
The Rudements .
Good to see ya Tim