Wednesday, January 12, 2005

SA Interview on Zuendfunk radio

Then Jan.14, @ 23:00 hour in Germany / 5 PM US
Zuendfunk Radio will air the interview and mix i did for them .
the mix is of old favorites like early Ultravox when John Foxx was still with them ,
early R Sakamoto , L Dangeruses plus Ike Yard, DCC and one of the new tracks with Kukoo Bones .

On radio or online .
Online: -
Click on 'Live horen' - a window pops up -
click on the speaker symbol and you should be tuned in ...

May want to try it first , i hear

Rammellzee on TV "Arte"

In the evening Jan.13, the French/German TV show Arte will air the Rammellzee interview on their Tracks portion of the show.
Haven't seen it myself , but it should be a bit fun and even funny,
Ramm did a dance to "Traxstoppers" wearing one of his Gothic Futurism character masks,
we were there in Ramm's BattleStation , grooving on some of the perf videos and playing the Bi-Conicals Album .

And yeah , Bi-Conicals made the year end top 50 Albums list in the current (Jan.) issue of UK's The Wire mag