Sunday, April 22, 2007

Amsterdam -Rotterdam - Bourgoin -Jallieu

April 4 Wednesday DCC 3 got up early to leave Faro airport via Transavia to Amsterdam.
Faro was interesting but quite bright during the day so we hung out in our rooms ,
I did finally go out and scouted the village described in the map the young woman at the desk had given me,
looking for the beach ... but it was another bridge further down the highway
Big orange moon was still up when I went to sleep after 2 AM ...

Taxi into Amsterdam for 2 days of running around , doing this and visting that before we went to Rotterdam 4/6 for the show at the Worm which went very well i think.
Nick and i would set out each day to cover some territory around our base of Rembrandt Square ,
I found an area of many bookstores all together not far from Dam Square and looked through other stores along the shopping street eating Surinam Chinese for the first time one night

The next night @ Bourgoin Jallieu Abbatoirs was the 4th and final show of the tour
Long , fast and luggage crowded train from Rotterdam to Brussels to Lyon
where he met our friends from Abbatoirs.
A big vegetarian dinner , a trip to the hotel and back for the show
Great people ,tech , venue about 100 -124 people ,
we opened for El-P from Def -Jux who was on tour supporting his album ...


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