Sunday, October 30, 2005


Well, tonight's's TV menu then broke me out of that peaceful reverie ...

8:00 NHK Silk Road Special (#7) A High Definition trip down a no longer used South branch of the old Silk Road . Was immersed in it for 1 hour

10:00 Watched the rest of Human Trafficking on Lifetime .
Mira Sorvino and Don Sutherland fighting Russian mob types .
Stinging tears when the Aussie children brothel owner snapped the neck of the little Phillipine girl who had gotten sick , instead of bringing her to hospital.

12:00 Kakurembo on Cartoon Network . 30 minute anime , while this was an English version and Japanese credits were not shown , it was Koji Morimoto's work i would bet on it. You know , Koji who worked on Akira and did the Ken Ishii Jellytones video some years back. 7 kids go to play deadly game of hide and seek in dead city , 5 demons to chase them , hunt them down and use them as batteries to power the town's neon .
Koji in top form as usual , striking human like movement of the characters , dark backgrounds with a few bright neons in a deserted Walled City Of Kowloon style town.