Saturday, October 14, 2006

the happening world

Protonium : matter and antimatter combined in a single substance ...
US Intelligence detects N Korea test radioactivity
Scientology and the art of deception
New Orleans infested with wildlife

Gare Du Nord

took a long walk downtown today for the first time since getting back Tue's night
to EMF's Ear To The Earth fest.@ 3 Legged Dog and caught the North pole based Andrea Polli piece video , music tone based on temp data through months of outdoor camera footage
Walking back the city felt like the 'next town' on a trip as opposed to where I actually live so there is some post trip bubble going on ...
Over the past 6 weeks of int. traveling Tokyo NY Paris has been a constant parade of images , ad spots in the different countries, TV, Cable Hi Def
The amount of cool books and mags you can find in the great bookstores in Shibuya,
Logos I always go back to when i get there
it was a real good time listening to the music on the select CDR at Mixoffice and again at Gattaca Aoyama Bar
This time out we didn't buy so many magazines or books
i was thinking about how little we buy magazines anymore
In the 1980's and into '90's i used to buy them for info and /or images but that has slowed to almost no buying
Paris has some chaotic traffic , the jam we went through close to Gard De Nord was horrendus ,locked stopped until finally some guy took it upon himself to get out and go around soundly slapping cars into stopping and generally making order for some seconds there - and then we were through it
Mystics of Les Halles and therabouts , guys selling roses ,
anarchy t shirts and hoodies ...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

into the Seine

From the hotel on Timbaud in the 11th A across to the Tuleries ,
watching the Seine Sons of Cain and onto the Louve , where we cruised right in .
The Hammurabi Code , essential document of Babylonian civilization
stone in the form of a black basalt stele recording 282 laws,
the Mastala of Akhethetep , Ehih-11 4th C BC
Oriental antiquities Mesopotamia Akkad Dynasty and Gudea , Persia and the Lavant Sumerian tablets 5000 year old statues from Suza

In the park at Halles the big crows peck through plastic bags after lunch on funky Halles front street , back through the Marais, visit Muji until later
Dinner excellent Viet Namese food in the 16th A after the rain
and walk back along the Seine down as far as across from Notre Dame ,
going out into the centers of a few pedestrian bridges
and feeling the Seine flowing below us
During the day we had seen two stone stair ways on the other side that went down into the river and thought about going down there

As much as I wanted to also go to the Pompideau / Bouburg and Musee Gustav Moreau
but timing didn't work out for them
By Tue's I was conserving energy to make one more jaunt before we had to go
and that was to Pere-Lachaise cemetary , not so far from Timbaud .
That was pretty intense , beautiful and quiet
layers of graves stones , some up high on this hill , waves on waves of crosses, tombs , all crossed by cobblesblock stone roads and inhabited by packs of big crows.

Happened upon Chopin's grave and the smount of people led me to Jim Morrison's site
complete with riot barrier type bars on one side , but still a place where fans can throw flowers as the one black clad lady did
Oscar Wilde , Bizet , Delacroix , Proust , Victor Noir , Balzac all under bright Paris sun cloudless afternoon sky
want to screen that footage tonight

rainy night in Amiens

On the 5th after arriving in Paris went through customs
the group had a laugh with some workers there , some funny people in various lines
and were picked up by Louis at CDGaulle Airport outside Paris
we then crossed flat fields North to Amiens to Ibis Hotel grey skies drizzling.
During the evening the rain really came on thought of it crossing the Black Atlantic , out there between the lands , dumping rain onto the ocean surface
thick drops adding to a layer of fresh water
That night excellent dinner at La Soupe A Cailloux on Place Au Don , St.-Leu
set up with Pascal the promoter. DCC got to eat with
Pixeltan, Gavin & Delia , Kunt , DJ's and people from Amiens
We rocked 'em in Amiens and did 2 encores (Rifleman and deepSpacewoman),
Pixeltan really rokked 'em at their late show @ Republic ,
we caught the last notes of their set but they did an encore that was sweet ,
just right on rough electro looping beats grooving to the end
We got to next venue and there was Sascha - Apparat (Shitkatapult) tending his electrotechnoid crowd of 2 -300 more or less out in the open air
under the full moon white nights
Sascha had copies of the Meteosound "From The Powerhouse" 12" that has DCC's
Drag racing on it thank you

Bk to Ibis by 4:30 or so
Can hear more music playing louder and louder from somewhere out there beyond the window of the room, kind of aggro male vocal chants , rapping , stark bts kicking in again and again

Leaving to Paris by large car
A row of high windmills across the skyline
and then first glimpse of the distant shapes of Eiffel Tower and tall Monmarte towers off far away still at the end of the freeway leading into it ...

Rain out of NY still falling out on the Black Atlantic
Listening . Keith Jarrett Paris concert '88