Friday, March 05, 2004

Out my window

If everything goes right next week
"The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" music video will be dubbed
@ MOMA and sent over to Gigolo for inclusion in their 150th rerelease DVD.
Talked to the video's Director Beth B yesterday first time in almost 20 years (!).
It's coming together , almost on deadline

I got some images from photographer David Levinthal to be looking at re: the cover for the next Dom 12" .
They are really stunning , supreal .
The 3 we've picked are amazing
People will probably be shocked when they see it

We received a box of "The Bi Conicals Of The Rammellzee" Double Vinyl Albums, 12"s , 7"s and CD's Wed. and it's a monster record .
Next level *hit . Out Europe very soon , then US .

DCC aka Death Comet Crew's "This Is Riphop" on Troubleman next out

'no wave /proto electro' Comp. going on now,
"Nowthenafter" also finishing and hopefully out this year,
Public Domain 12" coming together , TBA
Lots going on

Filter 14 . Last night Warp had a party for the release of Squarepusher's new Album "ultravisitor"
Good music all night with DJ 's Jimmy Edgar (Warp) dropping that great first track off Analogue Bubblebath 4 & Chaka Khan
Tim & Mal some classic SabresOP ,
Marcus (Plant) Killing Joke again and
Casio's (Other Music) techhouse .
Thank you Simon

Hiphop vids
Petey Pablo "Freak A Leek" . that vid's kind of evil
J-Kwon "Tipsy" rockin intro bts , the right now synths of hiphop & R&B from "Hood Hop"
Jay Z "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" sounds good after 'Change Clothes' .
And the video package works
Still enjoying the Ludicriss "Waterfalls" vid
Good to see LaLa hosting Direct Effect without DJ Clue !

DJ Milo Tonight @ Bar 169
169 E Broadway @ Essex Street
down on LES .
Milo Johnson from the Original Wild Bunch in London will be DJ ing tonight around midnight .

Sunday, February 29, 2004

new tracks

I've gotten bk into 'Goddess wakes in the brain forest '
for greenTara & Sisters
The first 12" Ep for Sisters & greenTara could be next year ...

and a new one for Dominatrix that's got some cool things happening after a couple sessions in this last week .
That makes 4 neu Dom tracks now ...

Kukoo's tracks are almost ready to record ,
solid basics with some electro techno Sci Fi Sdtk touches
they were fun and they represent a new wave of hiphop programming in the wake of 2002 - 20003's
" The Bi Conicals " Album tracks production >

"The Bi Conicals Of The Rammellzee"
contains "Jamin Zabar Jamin Zabar" and
"Traxxstoppers" by me ,
and "Funky Dream Pt. Three" by DCC aka Death Comet Crew

as well as great tracks by Munk , Jaw , Taketo Shimada ,
Ferris Wheel and DJ Kaos . Out on Gomma in March

Kukoo Da Baga Bonez

Shout out to Kukoo out in Las Vegas @ The Magic Show,
up in there w/ Kangol , Drunken Monkey , Got Ho's ?
DJ's playing his new record and I heard he was going to perform "Shit Hit The Fan" / "Politic" off the new 12" on
Stand Or Fall Ent. @ the Urb party. Hope it went off .
Kuk is getting the record out there now , so watch for that .

By now we are working on 2 new bts, bass , synth tracks for
a Kukoo release that we will probably be able to record this year .
So, more to come from Kukoo Da Baga Bonez

TV , Von Trier , Aum

usually you watch ,
flip through channels.
You can be happy that out of the dozens of things you see-
there was 1 cool piece ,
or the end of a movie you've seen 20 times but sit through again,
Something that keep you there with the box .
But after watching VH1's / Ego trip's
'TV's Illest Minority Moments' , trying to get into it,
well some TV is still just so wack.
'From mack to wack'
from fact to facked
from Lars Von Trier's "The Kingdom" to
'Stephen King's' "The Kingdom Hospital" , 'the new series written by Stephen King' .

Godfathers Of DeMedici was interesting info wise.
They pulled some *hit .
This and the recent "Barbarians" series on History Ch.
have been revelatory.

the media churn on
the outing of the number of Church abuse cases ,
the Cardinal's and the Church's handing the whole sorry affair ,
Bush 2's pandering,
taking out 'evolution' in schools and books,
the current whining about Mel's "The Passion"
tonight's Academy Awards ,
the neocon channels ,
Aristede gone before Haiti totally destroyed
US , Pakistan in bid for Bin Ladin . or did US already nab him and Bush 2 is waiting for a proper pre election release ?
the *ucking shyster.
Finally, Shoko Asahara , leader of Aum Shinrikyo cult
who did the Sarin Gas incident in Tokyo Subway 1995
(among other escapades)
was sentenced to death by hanging.
Appeal was filed .
Watched another chilling Doc on Aum last night on NHK .
Cold ...