Saturday, July 05, 2008

Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth

Music of the week:
Inspiring awesome set with Mark and Egyptian percussionist Romi's Frame drums holding down the beat,
and then back out to Hoboken Wed for another session by just two of us, freeform jams flowing out between thunderstorms.
Kode 9 Tue's night down @ WinterGarden: A diffuse 'crowd', a set more house-y then Dubstep, MC goes on through the set.
Down to Kiho & Yoshimi's (Compact Impact) for the 4th, hear about Rin Toshite Shigure, watch the Japanese rock group from Saitama on YouTube projected on the white wall.
We hear about the Great Cycle of the Mayans that is due to happen in Dec. 2012,
discuss NASA's reported image of photon belt planetary bodies set to cross between Jupiter and Saturn in Dec. 2012,
drink Shochu and eat fresh sashimi by windows looking out over the exposed pit of Ground Zero and Trinity Church.
Today while Googling around Ex -Sparks guitarist Adrian Fisher, late to find out he died in Ko Samui Thailand on the day Noyuri & I flew from Bangkok to Phuket ... we rode the bus from Phuket to the ferry out to Phi Phi.
The women in the seat in front of us has been coughing ever since she got on at Phuket.
RIP Arian Fisher, we miss that brilliant player from those 2 Sparks albums Kimono My House and Propaganda '75.

Now listening: Propaganda by Sparks