Wednesday, December 20, 2006

4 groups

While DCC continues towards finishing the new Album (10 new jams,songs,pieces)
Ike Yard has returned to form and i have been writing for both of them plus in Nov.
the new group Dystopians also had new total 8 songs & pieces
Dystopians programmed double drummachine kits, programmed synth,lead bass & vocals
+ by guest guitarists and the Japanese Dystopians
Ike Yard synths kyboards drumachine + bass, acoustic and electric guitar, vocals
DCC Scratch DJ bass, guitar, kyboards & fx, vocals & MC

These three groups are three different music so it's been a very good past few months Into the holiday having mostly gone through a very productive period in multi style composition, overall moving things things forward
Currently working to turn some first Ike Yard words collected over the last month
into lyrics right for Odaiba cassette
The view out to the sea past the Odaiba artificial beach fresh in mind after seeing it Mon night from Ren's room above wide expanse of Tokyo bay ...

So writing for IY takes me certain topics autosuggested by previous IY pieces
as well as fresh ones from the stuff around us and whatever piques,pulls,beckons.
Some weeks bk I began to focus on making a couple inspirational choices of old paintings by Hans Bellmer so this musik is all coming up for what has become the second wave of new IY in 2007.
The first wave of new being already at least 4-5-6 pieces in by today ...

Dystopians is now where the new darker slamming roktechnisch ideas and tunes will come out of .
To a small degree Dys follows on the hard work of both black rain (1989 -'99)
and Death Comet Crew mach 2 (1985-'86),
the threads there being DCC riphop to > cyber rock driven by drum machine and not DJ
ending with us all playing bass, guitars powered by dm.
And taken further then by formation of black rain , with my main man Shin from DCC.
black rain (Misfits 3 min.form meets ENB substance) > from US dark punk to thrash influenced by Venom and such = mach 1 1989 -1993 Shin/Bones/Thom/SA
Down to 2 piece (Shin and me) to do the total 'cyberpunk' soundtracks for William Gibson's Neuromancer 10th Anniversary edition with TimeWarner Audio Books 1994
and the original music for the Longo version of Gibson's Johnny Mnemonic in 1994-'95
, the black rain 1.0 CD and the nanarchy CD Albums on Fifth Column Records from DC (ChemLab's label)in 1995 -'96 and a last round of tunes in 1997-'99
(Triple Witching Days, Shells, Shrdlu) = br mach 2 1994-1999

4th group has to be Dominatrix, a bit dormant at the moment new music & studio wise
but the bigger ideas about what it is now and who are moving behind the active scene.

Monday, December 18, 2006

was Monday ...

Finished and sent out an 'all-time Top 10 Albums' list for French writer's book
Asked to write some lines about 'winter music' for an online pub.
Fabric contacts about the licensing upcoming Spankrock mix
Talk to Mark C about an upcoming DCC 3 show @ Tonic on bill with his group March
The Knitting Factory's kind booker Paolo will lock down the date for a March DCC show with Yoshimi's OOIOO
7 PM to IFA W Village to attend the 'Int.premiere' of NANA 2
Beautiful opening flying above towards the Station
The Black Stones well rock twice
Very nice scene in high rise Apt. with Nana and Trapnest's Ren overlooking
Rainbow Bridge on one side
facing a bright blue Tokyo bay horizon on the other side
A few great vivid overproduced Japanese music video moments involving Trapnest
One takes place on cold wet shores of Loch Ness, the group is posed playing on the grounds of Boleskine House .
by the big Loch this imposing castlefortresshouse
the old pad previously owned by Jimmy Page and before that, Aleister Crowley.
There's the lead singer in white gown standing out on the black rocks singing the chorus !
One of the best though is part of another Trapnest music video that simply has them walking carefully Studio windblown Seemingly striding towards you across a CG striped cybergame style corridor cut - cut - cut they're on you
A couple real thin Japanese cats in the two groups
a Q&A with Mika Nakashima and Yui, the two NANA's afterwards
was probably uncomfortable for them,
too bright being stuck up there in front of foreigners.
She looked great though and kept cool
Down one side of the theatre was the video crew, the J media lining the other
walk bk in the cold singing to myself ...