Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On Violetshaped
A few months ago i was asked by Electronic Beats to review a current release as they do on their pub. One suggestion was Violetshaped . Following is my original text . I prefer it to the published end result.

Violetshaped appears to be Nino. We met last Nov. on a chilly Wroclaw evening as we sat down to an Italian dinner with host Lubo. That night we went on late and it was cold. The sound's a variant of 21st century Tech Industrial, their sound one of giant walls, beams and barriers hulking , oppressing - and at the same time disintegrating as we outlive them. "The Lord Won't Forget" The beat shivers in front of you and inside you. It's not here to make you jump or take you higher, it's here to ground you in the face of what's to come. Notice the rippling layers of sequenced synths moving over the beat scape. Then another. Dubbed out synth bits glint for instant before bouncing off into half light. Collapse of nation -state, middle class and religion is tangible. Ride the synth sequence. Repetition is key. Wipe the body fluid off your pant leg. The Lord Won't Forget. "The Skull In The Cellar" Hovering wobble hangs in space. Machine beat fades in and hooks up into it's place in the system. Through binoculars one sees the target moving faster then the main beat frame. Something racing through the mud and debris. Scanning the scene an open door appears and the beat halts for a moment. You lift your head and the Police ask you for your ID. What is happening in edge musik today - it's reflecting the continued desynchronization within our societies, our tired systems built sometimes so long ago, the loosening of organized , non taxed religion. One still has to actively seek underground edges. Citizens have to decide , do the sheep look up ? or continue grazing. The fact of Vatican Shadow's existence set against backdrop of the recent Pope and Church debacles felt like a well timed inflection point. This musik may well serve as a kind of 'punk rock' , a street musik welling up and into sight. The synthetics will only become more urgent and the beats don't stop any time soon i expect. I can distinquish them from acts whose tracks i try to listen but get only 20 seconds in on. From rather faceless but much hyped product streaming for free before you know if you are even interested. Whereas so many are content to produce 'stuff' that refers too much to the past, Violetshaped and Shaped noise seem to insist on facing forward. With boots on. It's a growing family. SA 5/22/13