Saturday, April 14, 2012

Super powers a plus...

And so the search is on for the new Dominatrix women for the new records , super powers a plus

Black rain preparing for first show since 1996 LES w Shin, Satoru Ito & The Rammellzee
4/21 Issue Project Room UNSOUND Fest. Lab Kotra & Black rain 5:30 PM, free w RSVP
London, Europe & US dates to follow ( Oct. - Nov. LDN, Berlin Black Magick & Centrum sonic lecture, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Amsterdam + tbc ) Aug. NYC tba

Ike Yard remix & reissue Factory America 1982 LP on Desire Records; Coming ...
We have been finalizing remixers for the 6 pieces from the album
IY will be doing remixes as well, we were never happy with the mix,
the group will follow up the March 3 show w one in July tbc +
over to Europe in Sept. (9/22 Brussels Fantastique Nights ,Ldn, Manc, Paris Tbc )

o13 mastering first lp "Time wave zero" now,
"Lost Pavillion" on Opilec Records label Comp. + EP coming over summer

Dominatrix complete reissue coming on the new Streetwise, 45' w DJ Red Alert's Scratch mix coming first
Unreleased tracks, cover versions Dom ( Dominique Davalos & me ) used to perform live & coproduced w Steve Breck ( early Kurtis Blow, Fat Boys ). Liner notes w Dave Tompkins

The groups from the 80's are all working on things
the groups from the '90's - one 'group' really, Black rain - is back out on BEB in Feb.
we expect to do more shows this year then last, 2013 - 2014 as well
A series of new projects comes to the front,
in addition to renewed releasing from Rec - REC 004 Black rain early years 1989 -'93
thrashing stages across LES, working up demos for Johnny Mnemonic Killing floor scene '90,
editing together our little video clip for Pepe Moreno's "Hellcab" CD ROM and more

After years of a slower pre prod work and development, now organizing for production of Diaries 1978-1990 E Book, paperback & Ltd Ed hardcover copy edition & iteration of this multilevel project.
With everything else that's going on, we need help focusing resources on it to make it happen sooner than later, and to that end we now prepare the Kickstarter campaign.
Much music, many stories over all those nights we were in the clubs, hybrid cultural explosions
expressed far and wide beyond the original artists and musicians involved.
Dave Tompkins and i will be doing a talk the day after Black rain's Lab , 4/22 at 1 PM @ Goethe's Wyoming Bldg., E 3rd St. Please check UNSOUND site for exact address ...

what we are most excited about is the new music IY, Dom, Black rain & o13 are making,
new soundtrack works based on plans for Helix Cities across Tokyo Bay,
initial'Sci fi Cities' series in Europe Nov. w Neuromancer cont.+ Blade Runner 2 scenes
the upcoming album we have been developing; poly soundscapes, songs, new beat vibrations variations from Hong Kong to Himalayas, NY-London-Berlin-Tokyo-Kyoto and back again to NY
+ most exciting are the unexpected new things that keep happening

Let the music play