Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ike yardian night

Cold out there today, finally
5 minute snow storm the other day

Between 1/5-8-14-15th Ike Yard has been doing sessions
1/17 Tonight Dan from Acute is having us over to Heathers on E 13th St. around 10
1/29 IY live on John Allen's WFMU radio show 11 PM . 6 cuts - all new musik

Kenneth Compton has been playing acoustic guitar on some of the new songs,
bass synth on one, bass guitar on others.
Michael Diekmanning the Arp and another kybd,
I am using a Yamaha kybd, have my songs programmed on Reason two
and both Kenneth and myself are working up vocals by now.
There are six new pieces we are focusing on performing at WFMU
and i tell you - the music's hot - as you will hear on Jan.29

During breaks in the sessions we were talking about the Ukrainian National Home show we did with Factory and opened for New Order.
Alot of fun to hear because Kenneth had different things happpen to him before, during and after the show !
We asked a few times about at least getting the IY video that was shot from that night , but nothing came of it

Only recently we found out that John Peel had played Ike Yard
from the 1982 Factory America LP release
We have been enjoying the great comments online from all over,
those who do not like or do not get IY are great too
Once you give the sound some time, because it's not the usual Factory UK sound you've heard before - but we did work with them.
Likewise, we picked up where we left off in 1982-'83
and are now cruising another couple decades forward