Monday, April 04, 2011

April , flowers

It's been weeks since the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan.
NHK broadcast the tsunami live, smooth arc of deadly waves heading to the beach ...
Too big a series 2-3 stories high with an overwelming push that crushed neighborhoods into swirling piles of pulverized stuff.
If you didn't run fast enough to higher ground you didn't make it.
And so by today we hear about how much water will be flushed out of the reactors into the Pacific ocean- to make room for the more highly radioactive water to be trucked away.
To where ?

3/19 Supermoon came for a few nights and moved on.
3/20 Skies well lit for a 'mini acension' but we worried about it's effect post quake.

Very nice Michael Benson's show @ Hasted Kraeutler
Also Takeshi Shikama @ Alan Klotz
And Jose Parla

Neue Gallery . Birth Of The Modern : Style and Identity in Vienna 1900 . Was an excellent way to spend early Friday evening,
diving into floors full of large Klimt , Schiele paintings, period dresses and rooms w Prinzessin cabinets, wallpaper and furnishings

outpost 13 paid respect to Heinrich Heine , 18th century German poet , writer and relative of bassist Kent H
as the group finished 6 demo mixes for labels before we go to France April 12.
4/14 Electro Choc Festival in IIse de' Abeau outside Lyon
4/15 Exotic Pylon @ Vortex Club w Jonny Mugwup special lineup , London
4/22 Maastricht TBC
4/23 w Mea Kusma @ Eupen Belgium

also preparing a video clip of the Atrocity Exhibition video film for to use later this month,
setting first Boston show July 1 @ Church, more US shows

Engineer & co producer Paul Geluso and i have been working on layering the tracks I have been preparing for Nomi- and the first 1 came back very nice with the new sounds we added recently, should come out pretty great.

The FRKWYS 5 Mirror Mirror album came out on RVNG, well worth checking out. Happy with the new track i programmed for them and the song they made with it ! Thanks Matt, David and Ryan "Nau Sau Ser Bil Uma Rah Rab"

The Dominatrix reversioning of The UNIT'S "i,Night" will appear on the upcoming UNITS CONNECTIONS album on Opilec, Italy.
Street electro based on the original from 1979- '80

"Dirty Waters #2 " coming out in UK w the Rudements "Imagination" in an amazing "Birth of punk" super collection by Mr. Kris Needs