Saturday, March 15, 2008

Three Times Dystopians WWA

Made it through another week.
Ike Yard signed agreement with LTM to have a track on their upcoming Crepsecule 'auteur label' release.
Two excellent rehearsal full length THX1138 movie run throughs and prepared for Monkeytown notice of Dystopians 4/5 shows ,
and narrowed DCC dates to LA and SF for May.
Dealt with ASCAP about an IY song left off previous round of registration ,
downloaded more music from eggcityradio and mutant sounds.
Paid attention to Tibet , the Buddhists protest then riots and Chinese police overreaction there.
Rd up on Bjork's new video - but missed the premiere on L I City.
Among other stuff.

A highlight was breakfast with Chinese artist Wei Wei Ai @ Maritime Hotel Thurdays morning.
Took the most crowded L train ever West to 8th Ave. , some stiff's elbow at my back most the way.
But to see Wei Wei smile when he looked up from morning paper was worth it.
Walking in warm sun through the W Village together with Wei Wei and his wife , artist Lu Qing
felt like the old Village used to feel.
It's been a good while since we've strolled those streets, haven't had any reason to do so really ...

And today catching Hsiao -hsien Hou's Three Times' 1911 and 2005 sequences on IFC was pretty great.
It's easy to watch Qi Shu , nice mood and music in the sequence with her singing in the club.
Ravishing cinematography and pace