Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ike Yard Ep out on iTunes

Yes, the first new Ike Yard music is now out on iTunes !
Vinyl is coming

The Rudements found !

The original Rudements master tape from Don Zientera's has been found in the Dischord tape room and
will be digitized for us by Ian in DC, very sweet of him to do so.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yellow leaves on the ground, warm air fog in the morning air, Mutsu apples in the sun.

It's been Outpost most of the time , intensely for the period since the 10/24 show;
the group reorganized, listened to 8 rehearsal tapes, also found the pieces Mark and I did together one session last week.
Preparing for the DC show Dec. 4 & 5 ... Patrick Quick left Sunday AM after getting footage loaded that will serve as basis for the background video screen at Velvet Lounge and beyond. Patrick ran around the city after the Monkeytown show and saw alot of the lit world of NYC's bookstores, second hand book stores, The Strand.

Ike Yard 10" test pressing coming this week ?

DCC back into Riverglass Studio in mid Dec.

REC resumes work on the Luca Davis text project's soundtrack, with an eye on finishing it and releasing before year's end.
REC003 Davis/Nylon/ Outpost / Vex'd .