Monday, August 01, 2011

Shades drawn

Summertime and thankfully NYC is on the cool side of the jet stream again.
Extreme heat waves across the country.
Sunsets by the East River.
Cicadas out there in the trees ...

Earthquakes , tremors continue Coast S America.
Before the Mercury retrograde ...

Out of their storage folders and plastic came dozens of pen drawings,
various gouche painting experiments i begin to list and sequence for inclusion in my book.
Lost some hours looking at all the drawings, started to arrange them chronologically, dozens of complete pieces, titled.
Fun to look back and see all of them so many from 1978 -'79
also drawing class product from 1975 and '76 , from High School !

Rudements lyrics on a torn page, Futants lyrics on another fragment.
Pulling ideas, content and tech together to produce an E Book of my Nightclubbing Diaries 1978 -1988

Dominatrix reissue on Streetwise underway, new tracks for Album in works.
o13 has a mix of Mark's "Lost pavillion" together for Opilec Record's 12" B/w Italo remixes , recorded w James Lo.
Ike Yard continues very productive sessions enroute to another album , and can probably reissue the first 2 releases w remixes.
DCC reissue in works, new 12" EP from Citinite London coming , w second new Ep & album coming
Black rain reissue coming on Rec ...

Some other projects are taking form, return to Europe this fall ? France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Turin ?
or next year
Another round of work on my album.
Trip up to NH mountains w Diekmann 8/22 -26 ; day hikes, swimming mountain tops, forest week.
Family reunion in Delaware Labour day weekend