Saturday, December 19, 2009

the snow begins ...

Last night's Outpost show in W Philly went off without a hitch, we could utilize Patrick's video's for the first time
and a good crowd came in out of the windy, cold night.
A ride through electronic waves by Charles Cohen and partner on the floor with their machines.
Smolen's table top performance chittering in the darkened space.
Passing through downtown around midnight, wide streets with old style buildings at the end, the Gothic - Baroque redone Hall,
a sloping walkway plaza with neon glowing blob shapes placed through the middle of the path.
We stopped and good a pretty great brick oven slice and hit the road listening to Philly radio.
Underground hiphop dancehall electro with scary high pitch tone repeatedly being mixed in over the tracks.
Strange Led Zeppelin mix came in on a wave of hiss, Stairway To Heaven but with parts of their other big songs added on top,
, a mix sampling the old Orson Welle's War Of The World's broadcast in snippits falling onto themselves as underneath drone music moved from station to station.
A kombinat comes into view as he head North towards New York City, sodium yellow lines of lights like a little city onto itself,
on the other side of the highway a power plant's stacks appeared and disapeared in clouds of white steam smoke.
Discs of bright blue lights flashes obscured by clouds.
The radio played on ,
a smooth but funky R & B tune broadcast by the city as going with 'Philly' theme of the area we were driving through,
street gangsta -dealer thuggish hiphop track with rappers that sounded like they were in High School in Philly,
great flow and fun .
Later the NY station plays Usher's great cut "Yeah" mixed into "Freek - a - leek" .
I can see the snow has started in NYC ...

Have a great holiday everyone