Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall feeling NYC

A good year so far ...

So many things happening.
And while there are many records still to come,
many have seen release this year.
After returning from Berlin 8/28 and recovering , enjoying the jet lag tiredness ,
there is alot going on in the tech field that still excites.

So if musik has been 'one life' , tech and related works is another.

We saw alot in Japan in July ; the rural fest. took a chance and had Black rain & Regis one night and Ike Yard & Sam Kerridge the next.
Afterwards we returned to Kyoto in deadly heat via nightbus to explore North of the city.
Next was Nara, Nabari, Ise, Mt Fuji area and finally to Chigasaki in time to see hanami exploding over the Pacific Ocean.
After one day at Noyuri's parent's in Saitama, we took shinkensen from Omiya to Karuizawa in order to meet our old friend there for a couple more days in countryside.
This trip proved to me that staying 'in Tokyo' is by now less an attractive option, the summer heat had something to do w that definitely.
The upside being we saw three different lifestyle choices while staying or visiting w old & new friends.

After returning, I got word from my brother in SC that my Father was going into hospital and was not good.
He passed soon after and I was in Berlin by the time the relatives got together in Fla.
Together w the loss of my big sister Brenda last summer , the family is now markedly smaller !

Berlin w Ike Yard for CONTORT night @ ATONAL Fest. was pretty great.
One of the best lineups ever, in one of the great venues ever for this musik.
Saw friends old and new, some new ones from the Japan Fest.
Explored 'deep Neukoln ' as Kirin put it, checked out the good Japanese restaurant near the Canal below Kreutzberg, Thai also in K'berg and another Japanese rest on last night in town w Nino from Shaped Noise.
Spent two fine days working in Nino's Studio in industrial area behind Templehof.
That will be another record to come out on his label.

November will see another string of Europe dates to support Black rain's Dark Pool LP ;
11/7 Rome
11/10 Brussels
11/15 Berlin
11/21 Hamburg
11/23 Moscow
11/28 Stockholm TBC
11/29 Paris
Ending in Paris in order to work on another record, this time w L.I.E.S' Svengalighost Lives

Next records ?

* Ike Yard has a new Ep & Album to complete. It has taken long enough!
* The Ep's worth of musik Seb (aka Vessel), Pete Swanson and I made last Nov. is coming around and we will complete that now that we may have more then a moment's time.
* Original tapes of Black rain early years Vol. 1 & 2 will be transfered soon enough. those will come out on Desire 2015.
* As will BEB's expanded edition of "Now I'm Just A Number : Soundtracks 1994- '95", this time w double the cuts from first edition.
* Relistened to the tracks made so far for my Album and they still stand up, sounding quite good.
* Soundtracks Compilation(s) . Now thinking to do one of the works w Gretchen Bender 1984 -1991 then one of works w Robert Longo 1984 -1992 - the Johnny Mnemonic sdtks pieces will all be on the BEB Black rain reissues.
That would leave more space for all the best'other sdtks' made between 1983 - 1996 or so


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