Friday, April 27, 2007


Grey gold low cloud cover lit up above Empire State Building scape coming across the bridge late last night
nightbirds singing after dark and at dawn sheeting rain moon clouds the trees green

pastry and a cafe in off Lisbon main street , a few drunk men at the bar , hash dealers , couples
picking up some cod puffs and shrimp pastry a quick cafe before the bus ride south to Faro
On boarding we met the host - stewardess, polite but crisp very attractive Afro American woman queen who came through with a nice selection of drinks (beer of course) and snacks
Kilometers of Portugal towns green areas and brown hillsides quietly sweep by
Skunk Anansie's Follow me down on the bus soundsystem

eating the McDonald's Oriental sandwich on a green bench out by the Faro watertfront
DCC was waiting for the bus back to Lisbon down the street market closing down quietly under blue pink purple skies

in the last weeks a new buildings infrastructure has topped Stuyvesant Town roofs to grow about a floor a week
bright morning sun military helicopters phalanx flying back and forth out the windows facing East River

talking to the receptionist at Rembrandt Square Hotel and her smiling sweetly
and then afterwards finding my way finally to the webcafe / laundry and beyond

the guys that tried to steal my bag on the train through Antwerp
, talking with the South Korean kid whose bag did get stolen and the stories of the drinks & snacks vendor as we discussed what happened as we were riding in the space between train cars to Rotterdam

wandering down to the rocky beach the morning after the gig at Serralves in Porto
where white waves break through rocky ridges and coves and watching the color of the sea under the clear sun
as wave after wave crept closer

the hawk up in a tall tree out on the Oval, surrounded by the pack of crows caw caw kaw
Now listening: Kraftwerk Live in Tempodrome


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