Saturday, June 11, 2005

summers green now and long , long ago

Hot days, warm nights easy to stay in

3 drawings went out to Indianopolis , Ind. this week ,
all from 1988 a time when I was making them as designs for Theme parks ,
electronic entertainment parks inspired by TRON and ALIEN.
Included is the dark underworld of "The 1996 Games" ,
all giant Game pylons and towers hanging with cable snaking support cords.
They are for Gallery show put together by our friend Michael Kaufmann (Soul Junk)

Lots of mailing this week; Venice Bienalle got me hopping

Rding "The Inner Reaches Of Outer Space" by ol' Joseph Campbell
'metaphor as myth and as religion' . Seems like the right book at the right time

More musik : DCC held first meeting and jam Wed. , there are quite a few things happening that we had to catch up on and go over, digest .
Then we had an easy jam between the three of us (MD on e guitar, High Priest on spoons and harmonica and me on Yamaha CS6X), improvising a few jams out of the slightly cooler air inside .

As suspected , adding a Tambura to Alpha delta made it , now the piece has an instant Best of "Big Fun" flavor. Still need to perfect the drums ... Ongoing

Starting to hear that Shin(ichi Shimokawa) may visit NYC end of June ,
that'd be cool

Re'd up with Soul Jazz's Stuart B .
The Compilation formerly known as the 'no wave proto electro' can be set for Jan. '06 release
And I heard back from Output Recordings Trevor , very busy now in Studio himself and so should hear bk from him when he gets chance .
Met promising young vocalist Nomi from Sunset Park

Waited till after the next thunderstorm rolled through and then headed down to Tomkins Square Park.
Could hear the bass of the HEAT grime party from 11th St.(and the party was off 7th)
A small crowd stood, a few danced or milled around , watching the MC and Dinesh crew.

Came bk in time to watch another great HD Docu on NHK @ 8 ,
#5 in their new Silk Road series told the epic story of the man Kumaraju who translated and interpreted 300 volumes of Buddhist texts from Sanskrit into Chinese over the course of years and years .
Kumaraju was born to a white princess who placed him to be a monk so he didn't have to be fighter .
Images of the man sitting peacefully in the painted caves of Kizil @ Bezeklik ,
his works on the floor around him.
There are so many they have begun to pile up.
The ancient paintings on the walls were intact during his time (1-2 C BC).
Later we see where famous 'explorers'from Europe came and chopped out faces and any part of the works that they thought would look good in their museums back home.
Many of the people rendered on the walls had lapis blue eyes and blonde hair .
Not Chinese at all ...

Some late afternoons, the man would sit in meditation for hours by the river that ran from the Tien Shan Mountains .
The intense sun didn't seem to bother him as it parched the surrounding hills.
But meanwhile from year to year , the nomadic Mongols fought back and forth over these dry lands , eventually sweeping through into this area that is now called Kucha
For 17 years Kumaraju was held ,tempted by the conquering leader to be with woman then was released to be able to begin translating the works.
After his death @ age 69 , it was still 120 years before Buddhism reached to Japan.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


One week ago , Kraftwerk brought their show to town.
And while the NY Times did a review , it wasn't a very interesting review and from where I saw the show - not completely accurate.
Yes, the four men of KW had four laptop screens up on their 'desks' -
but i wouldn't be entirely sure that meant they were just playing laptops.
Possibly just a visual effect, like almost every other image or slight move on stage.
And as anyone who knows these geezers at all knows they like to bring their studio tech up onstage with them which gives them the live mix ability to tweak parts as they flow by.
Their total control (and near total immersion in) their computer world of beats and electro musik is what makes them stand so far apart from other groups .
This allows the little things like the baroque -ish tone tapestry that played before they went on to stand out - I knew this may be one of the only really new things I would hear all night and so i was savoring that and breathing it in as it 'played'.
And it was a cool piece , the smooth waves and washes of synthetic sound made with the bite of custom oscillator crunch to them ,
a Metropolitan Museum like feeling of quality of grand old- neu now so transfixing.
The lights went out and the outlines of the four rose up in shadow on the scrim .
Cue crowd reaction and applause ...