Friday, October 10, 2008

brain forests

Clear sunlight through the still green trees in Tompkins Square Park yesterday and white moon hung over downtown last night quiet early, until work outside began after 7 am.
Listening through Gas, Zauberberg, Konigforst and Pop in one long go through the afternoon while working.
Bright fall sun fills the sky
I look up noticing in the distance
two workers on a roof of the Con Ed Tower plant on E 14th & East River
First the noise , then a silverblue Sikorsky flies through the airspace

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

While Wall St. tanks

Post gig's week ... post debate.
Checked the Gothic dark glamour show @ FIT ; Not a bad job of it, there are great clothes there,
a piece by Noyuri's friend Hishinuma among the McQueen, Boudicca (nice), Belgian black and lace.
And ordered the "Joy Division" docu on PPView, which was ok if you love Joy Division detail, good deal of JD footage you've seen before though.
A couple episodes of Mandrake.

Sunday another session at Mark's Hoboken studio. New rock drum programs, learned a new piece, great stuff.
Session Mon. final adjustments in SurroundSound mixes for the Nowthenafter collection;
Judy came in to work up the piece Blueprints for Aural Cathedrals we did together in 2000 -2001,
and we got my piece Nowthenafter together before heading back out into the NYU night.
More work next week to finish the remix of Judy's piece, then whole project is close to done.
Nowthenafter SurroundSound DVD coming soon.
Yesterday i could try a new piece Alien age, made earlier before Dystopians convened for a third run-through of Alien.
Some amazing stuff here too ! Bones' bass and Moog, Norman's guitar, delay loops and samples.
I just played laptop and videocamera.

Noyuri flew to Tokyo Mon. and today is visiting a friend of a new friend who lives in Nakagin Capsule Tower Building in Shiodome. (see architect Kisho Kurokawa, Metabolists)

Will the market tank again today ?

Second Lives:

Remixing the ordinary @ Museum of Arts and Design.
Doh-Ho Suh's "Metal Jacket", El Anatsui's textile made from aluminum liquor-bottle caps and copper wire,
Wei Wei's group of Chinese pottery.
One of the best things there - Yuken Teruya's Japanese shopping bags with unexpected, delicately cut out trees
growing upside down inside the bag.
The new museum seem to fills in, 'completes' Columbus Circle.
The Shop had some nice things, a few never seen before,
the permanent collection was filled with eye catching pieces, jewelry
more in the smoothly sliding shelves system , digital search screen of all objects in the collection was being used.
The whole experience was good; the museum's renewed mission inside their redone building at 2 Columbus Circle ...