Friday, December 30, 2005

Maniacal calls, cry and laughter on the wind

Listening to the Monoton Album CDR Matt send over ,cheers Matt !
Running down the errands and figuring out which is best to do first, second , last.
People go out of town , people come into town , relatives call , sending cards , then hearing that a friend's step father has died .
Walking through the city a bit aimless but wanting to be out then wandering along to notice if there is a feeling about taking this street or that ,
some compulsion , memory , face , names .
Going out and making some rounds in the twilight before dinner ,
looking for something along along cold 5th Avenue South and finding Shakespeare Bookstore . Sometimes Bookstores help one focus ...
Heading back out that one more time once it's night to find a good place in the neighborhood to eat before it gets really late .
Sitting out on the Oval emptied and thinking about the people all in their apartments lights up as they get home from shopping , the quiet people eating alone . Entertaining on what so - and - so is doing right now , who is left by now in the city and by the way where is everybody ?

Blue and white Empire State Building reflecting up into lowering sky.
Explaining to someone new in town who all used to work at The Strand bookstore ,
we come around the corner and Tom Verlaine is out front talking to a couple of friends.
Our guest playing the Velvet Underground CD,
the great B&W small book magazine in the archives on Fourth Ave. &12th
filled with great period photos of Bowie , The Dolls , Richard Hell,
Iggy Pop with both blonde and black hair , Andy Warhol.
Warhol on the promising but shallow and slogging Imagining America program on PBS Wed.
Late afternoon there were a few people intently watching the hawk kill
and then eat the rat it had caught .
One woman has her binoculars pressed to her face
turns to exclaim gleefully 'I've been here for an hour'.
She tells me the hawk was up in this tree watching , then flew right up into the trees between two buildings and swooped down on the small rat and brought it back out onto the Oval to kill it ...
Other people don't catch on to what's going on , glance around to where we are all looking but still miss the hawk .
The hawk is animatedly devouring what's left of the rat until I look away for a minute and look back up to see it's gone .

Now listening : Keith Jarrett Paris Concert . First piece October 17th ,1988