Saturday, March 13, 2004

Sat to Sat

Sideways, over , up & down

new sweet and hard bits
I , Monster
Vitalic & L Lamb
Bronze Age Fox
Dani Siciliano

missed in Miami
Paris voted 'Top Celeb DJ'
Black Strobe DJ set

Tonight Kompackt Vs Rephlex @ Volume

TV images and scenes run together , a wklong blur,
with some meaning(s) ...
"7 Years In Tibet" . scared young Lama's dream
"Kukajiro" . 'you be the fish'
"Pet Sematary 2" . 'you got to bury your own'
"Dawn of The Dead"
"The Shield"
"Nip Tick " 'pool' promo

Usher, Lil Jon & Ludicriss ,
The Hova back in blackout

John McGeoch RIP
Stephen Sprouse RIP

UT resurfaces and has their rights ...
Yamatsuka Eye "Sound Hero" surfacing ...

Spain 3/11 RIP .
The Nightline episode that night was chilling, scary.
John Miller always gets my attention .
Next day I heard someone mention that a gas or chem attack was pending in Chicago or Texas ...
War against civilization as we knew it
Gravity's a ...
Blowback's a ...