Friday, May 26, 2006

birds matte & metal postcard

The night bird begins later now , I heard it the other night closer to dawn
ringing clear

Around 8- 9 AM yesterday military transport planes and groups of fighters started flying low through the sky above our Apt. up the East side.
From the window looking downtown we could see the formations
flying North towards us
Hearing the engines coming in a flash
a group of 4 Fighters F16's or newer models banking above 14th St. and the East River
Four sun silver spots glancing off windscreens on matte gray shapes
and then gone uptown
10 - 20 planes in all flew over throughout the morning ,
before Memorial Day long weekend
some seemed to circle the island and
they could be seen behind the buildings down by South Street Seaport

Yesterday the first time this year it's humid like summer
This morning high white puffy clouds loomed over Staten Island
Thick haze fuzzing out skyline

Informative article in the Times last week about birds flying at night
during this time of year
They tend to fly North along coasts and with a little help they
can be heard singing and calling to each other in the dark
As they fly through urban areas city lights they can lose the way
and so you can hear them call
as they stream by